What Happened to Yeezy?

My irony meter just broke.

Excellent segue into your preferred narrative!

I don’t think “liberals” really even have a basic understanding of life outside of their own urbanized bubble, really.

We had a discussion about that while driving from north to south(ern) Idaho this last weekend.

One of my snarky comments was “try this trip in your Tesla”.

Another was “I think that this lifestyle and landscape might as well be Mars, or something even more remote, like Io or Ganymede, to most urban folks.”.

As we drove through ag fields that produce the highest rates of bushel/acre wheat in the US.

What is your counter argument to this then? It shows up in surveys and experimentation.

Sure there is an element of this and it even occurs within the right wing e.g. the constant monthly arguments that crop up between urban dwelling right wing dissidents and exurban/suburban and rural right wingers and conservatives. But I think disgust rather than naivete is the driving motivation for this outgroup preference.

That it’s yet another propaganda campaign to gain political/governance power for another group of aspiring elites.

Bruh, the people who are seeing it in surveys and calling it out are themselves liberals. Unless you’re trying to argue that it’s black (lol) propaganda Kermit Roosevelt style.

Na I’m chill as fuck.

And apparently I’m gonna get banned because this idiot JNP thinks I’m racist for saying “boy”. Wow, what moral fiber. I’ll bet people like him killed this place off. Probably a black belt too, self righteous shits the lot of em.

You need to stop posting here, and so does everyone else with a life. So that they few trolls who run this place wither and die.

Seriously how long have you been subject to this nonsense? You came across as institutionalized, and still do.

You’re basically Kanye West without the money, good looks, or drugs. At least he’s nuts but can still get pussy by the truckload. #winning

I don’t think anyone should be banned here. After all, amongst racists, who amongst us compares to Yeezy? Theres a new standard now and we all fall short.


Osyrus, you are one of the people here i actually don’t mind dog, you had to know i dont say racist shit. I feel like we get along ok.

The only people I hate are maists who are also punkass little bitches, and there are a few of those here.

We both agreed right off the bat about West. Sheeeit, wtf.

Now more shit is coming out, people are speaking up. CHRIS REDD!

Also i think racism rules are changing so quickly these days that is would be hard to keep up.

It’s over. Rum pum pum pum style.

Hershel might flip the fucking US Senate, but at least Kanye is getting educated by true masters now.

Might as well be me that says it. David Fucking Chappelle.

His fucking first name…Jewish.

His father, William David Chappelle THIRD of his name, a motherfucking civil rights champion. In fucking Ohio of all places. Listen, Selma was bad but Ohio is next door to Michigan…

I get saying “fuck it” and freestylin. Every day. But damn. Leave the fuck alone, Kramer.

What the fuck is on, Osyrus. Help me make it make sense.

I’m Jewish by the way. Before anybody gets any stupid ideas.

Don’t fuck around with my people.

Yes, Rabbit, we know, your wife, and possibly your kids, are Jewish.
As are some of your own alternate personalities.
Not that any of your personalities asked to convert three times.
But, Mazel Tov, what do I, or any of us care, if some of your personalities, hop on that bandwagon.
Your other personalities, have hopped on so many others…

No one could tell.

Listen to these jackals howl.

Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired. All of them…

You’re on my shit list. Every one.

Not at all a Jewish reply.

You are one dumb ass motherfucker. I’ve studies your bullshit racist theories. In detail.

Maybe I’m a Moorish Jew?!?!

Damn. Fuck off, I’m glad I have you on general Ignore.

Are you?

Am I being fact checked?