Trump Shit Post Thread 2024

Um… thats my point. I think its a bad thing you’re gonna fail.

Um, I agree? Though I do dispute the date. I’d say that it was a 2013 to 2015 downwards slide. Regardless, your point still stands.

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Its not Trump. Zero evidence points to him. He’s too fucking stupid.

The Black Microphone is like the Red Violin,

He’s down to at least 100M in damages. Can you imagine that invoice>

No buddy. You’re educated, but you need to be smart. Lets reset back to Jew map and pretend those people were clever. What should they have actually done?

Yeah, but he’s not trying to destroy the country. I was at a rally and he straight up mocked laptop combat. All the people going for the kill are on laptops. Thats why Patriots take such heavy losses. This ain’t him. Obama has the right take on it.

Anyways, at the end of the day, something has to be done about the parasites. The ATM is fucking closed. I don’t got it. I got immigrants up the ass chasing me around would be worksites, then the government wanna take more money to import MORE of these animals? Nah. I don’t fucking have it in the first place, and last I heard their supporters wanted to “chop my grandma up” and believe “my life doesn’t matter”. And those are direct quotes.

Fuck that shit. Leave these animals to starve in the fucking desert. We should take their shit, leave them to die and then laugh and their complaints. I hear thats the rage with all the cool kids. Maybe for 2k cash one immigrant could be spared, as long as each generation of his family is paid up, type shit. Else we take everything and leave em in the desert. Zero mercy.

It was never a matter of what needed to be done, it was a matter or scale and absolutely I’m ok with the scale of what needs to be done. To me, a single generation of my family is priceless. A single member is. So to wipe out a generation and laugh? Nigga… now I get why it happened. And I can’t wait til we can do it again.

Remember, a whole human life is worth about 2k. So I figure we can take anyone that doesnt gross us more than that annually, like tax payments directly to any American that decides they own them and just dispose of them. I"m not saying we kill them, I’m saying we just take their shit and then let them die. Toss em into the desert.

Edit: And lol, y’all wanted so badly to degrade my sense of self worth, that you didn’t realize you were just teaching me to hate others as they hate me. So to me, the lives of aliens have a value of -2k, its totally fine to chop up their grandmas, their lives don’t matter and we can commit all sorts of atrocities from sleep deprivations to strangling a guy while you beat his wife in front of him. And its all FUCKING FUNNY. So yeah, the parasites can die slow for all I care.

Real Texan.

UoT grad, USAFSAC staff sergeant, actor.


Would hate Trump. Like John McCain.

I can hear them in my head, what they would say. John Hillerman’s fake British accent. McCain’s thumb.

Who’a he?i twelve

Killer Mike for President.

It’s getting warm in here.

Get running
Start pumping your bunions, I’m coming
I’m the dumbest, who flamethrow your function to Funyons
Flame your crew quicker than Trump fucks his youngest
Now face the flame fuckers your fame and fate’s done with

I walk Charlie Brown, Peppermint Patty, Linus and Lucy
Put coke in the doobie roll moodies to smoke with Snoopy
I still remain that dick grabbing slacker that spit a loogie
‘Cause the toter of the toolie’ll murder you friggin’ moolies
Fuck outta here, yeah

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So who is still voting for the lying, incompetent, senile, retarded, puppet scumbag that is Biden?

Americans are waiting for Tucker Carlsons interview with Putin before they decide.

In all seriousness I was watching his 4 minute youtube video from Russia yesterday wondering if the incumbent government in the US was going to open a case on him and try to put him in prison.

Then I stopped the ridiculous wondering, of course they are.

They are already calling him a traitor? a journalist?

Im not a fan of Tucker by any stretch hes just the US Piers Morgan but traitor?

now Traitor

These words have all lost their meaning and are thrown around at anyone with a differing opinion.

Putin is going to saying nothing he hasn’t said in any interview/speech in the last 2yrs if anyone can be bothered to watch any and Tucker is going to ask him questions he already knows the answer to that support his own view of the Ukraine conflict .
Its the anti Trump waaahhhmbulance giving this interview all its steam.


Thank God Americans are starting to get it.

I disagree with you about one thing. That Nazi has lost its meaning. It means the same thing it always has. The Nationalists are coming to defend their countrymen, by any means necessary. Look at the Weimar Republic. Look at America now. Look at what the enemy is doing and saying. They want to swindle and murder the populace, and the people are finally saying no. The liberals should admit that they need to stop them, not aid them, for this is the darkest folly.

Tucker Carlson is a moron with a constant look on his face like he just watched someone eat mayonnaise out of the jar. A man with one expression is not trustworthy.

He’s also not the US Piers Morgan. Morgan is a flawed man but at least he has a soul.

Never forget: Tucker was Bill O’Reilly’s replacment. One dbag after another…FOX shits these people out and ultimately if you’re a capitalist like myself, you might start to realize they only hurt the economy.

From a Bully POV, you can’t respect Tucker. He’s a mouthboxer’s mouthboxer, and if you need video evidence check out the one where he gets confronted in the store by someone and he turns into a pile of jello. He’s scared of being yelled at when he’s not sitting in a studio.

These “tough talk” pundits are 99% of the problem. They are violence gardeners.

Good. Its time for violence. Where did our fucking money go? Cause it looks a lot like they’re stealing our shit and passing it out to immigrants, while leaving us in life threatening conditions. In fact, thats exactly what they did. Weimar problems, Weimar solutions. Fuck this shit.

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I have a question. Isn’t the news supposed to be impartial? ABC and NBC talk about how bad trump is. FOX talks about how bad Biden is. The news is just supposed to supply facts and we the audience are supposed to form our own opinions based on those facts.

The facts left the mainstream media chat back when your president was black.

And now I have the opening line to my next rap.

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We are not talking about the same Piers Morgan, the one I am referring to was the editor and chief of the largest selling newspaper that was responsible for hacking mobile phones of celebrities and victims of crimes in order to obtain scoops to sell papers.

This including Milly Dowler who had been murdered by a serial killer.
His journalist deleted voicemail messages to create space for more recordings resulting in the parents thinking she may still be alive.

He is a political chameleon in that nobody likely including himself knows what he actually believes as he is simply a front page of a tabloid and thus will promote what sells himself now as opposed to his arse wipe tabloid.

So do either of them have souls? I have no idea but as much good or bad as they may or may not do i struggle to see it as a selfless act of duty on behalf of the masses as they both profess.


Selfless act of duty, yeah.

Back to Trump then…this guy has been shitting on veterans since he started campaigning. Yet for some reason uniformed types support him.

But it can’t be natural, it’s forced. It makes me think of, say, the juxtaposition between the Gebirgsjager and SS Einsatzcommando.

See, I’ve seen Serpico. I know what intimidation is capable of, at scale.

Ever seen “The Keep”? I think of it as Manhunter 0.5 thousand.

If you’re Mann fan, and you know I am, and you know me, you’ll laugh at this character. He ended up regretting choosing to “defend” that pass, wished he’d join the anti-Fascist Germans in Spain. Doesn’t die a soldier’s death because of it. Has his faith and pride betrayed.

But better that than Radu Molasar, eh comrade? Nobody wants the Golem.