Trump Shit Post Thread 2024

Would the President of the United States and the Governor of Texas kindly stop playing chicken with each other, before they cause casualties…?

You couldn’t handle my side quests.

Texas is a piece of shit state, managed by idiots, and populated with some of the dumbest people on the planet.

What did you expect? Christianity? Border what? Fat fucks that they are.

Of course they can’t handle their own border. They can’t really even serve electric power to their population when it gets cold.

Couldnt even make it past the first round of the AFC playoff.

You want to see a well controlled border? Canada. You betcha.

No, it is not.
Stop being absurd.

Again, no.
The people managing Texas are not idiots.
Likewise, Barack Obama and Dick Cheney at the Federal level were and are not idiots.
Quite the reverse.
They are both Evil as fuck, though.

It is the responsibility of the Federal government to manage the border.

The irony of me speaking this truth,
is that I hold the position,
that Latin Americans immigrating, are a Very Good Thing for the U.S.,
and I seek to streamline that process,
and I am not particularly concerned about undocumented Latin Americans,
as they seem to be a net positive for the U.S. economy.
In fact, I think the U.S. is much better off with them,
than without them,
Even though the immigration system obviously needs to be improved.

I know this isn’t the point of the discussion but Texans are the nicest people I’ve ever met in my life. I’m from California and it’s nice to know I can actually afford a house in my state one day unlike California. Anyway I don’t mean to derail the thread carry on.

U.S. Homelessness hit an all time high last year.

Half of the U.S. cannot afford rent.

These are obviously not Trump issues.

Never mind, carry on.

Fuck the thread, in that respect.

No they’re not. What the fuck are you people smoking? Kratom?

Seriously, name one fucking place in Texas you’ve eaten. If you lie, I’ll know.

Seriously, Texas is fucked, and it’s mostly their own fault.

George Bush Jr. Onward.

Republican Presidents suck.

Pappadeux’s, Pappasitos, a bunch of BBQ places.

Strangely some decent oyster and seafood places.

Some really great steak places.

Dallas, is tops for food, Houston is tops for Food, Austin is even better.

And on the border, the Mexican, and Tex-Mex food is really good.

OK, Kreskin, Did I lie?

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The only “Good” President of my lifetime was Jimmy Carter,

and he was so “Good”, that he was not Good at being President.

Here we have a curious Paradox.

Reagan was Great for breaking the Soviet Union, along with Thatcher.

But both were Terrible in other ways.

Bush Sr was smart.

Bush Jr had Cheney, who is basically, along with Michael Hayden close contenders for Darth Vader.

Bill Clinton got my vote twice on the Economy, but, oh my dear, wasn’t he the Sex Predator.

Obama got a Peace Prize for dropping more bombs, than any President in history,
ordered an execution of an American without trial,
expanded the domestic spying program beyond measure,
and is the President that wins the Gold Medal award for retaliation against any whistleblower for objecting the government was violating the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the rules.

Trump is and was Trump.

Biden, we can’t help but hope that our KKK connected Grandfather does not get lost in Public,
and should not be allowed to drive a car.
And we warn all our relatives to keep him away from the children,
and tell the children, to keep a little distance from him, because, well, he just ain’t right.

Not really any Prize winners in the bunch,
since Jimmy Carter,
who was an award winning human being,
and not particularly a good President, maybe because of that.

And here we have quite a Paradox.

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I think W Rabbit was expecting a more generic answer like Whataburger. I’ve eaten at all the food and eaten at all the places you mentioned except for the Mexican. I used to miss the fish and chip shops I used to eat at in California. But now I eat fried catfish, fried shrimp and french fries combos instead which taste much better. I never got used to TexMex though. When I want Mexican food I just go to gas stations and order there.

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.
But, hot dogs, hamburgers, and penis envy theories aside.
Real world problems are often very nuanced.
A spoonful of sugar, or raw onions, will often help the medicine go down.
But that medicine, when it is not medicine, and is just poison,
will often still taste like shit, or make you choke,
or even kill.
Or in the reverse, illusions are presented,
And in their Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt,
as they are consumed,
The intoxicated ignorance they produce-
results in budgets that are “M”, “B”, and even “T”,
But yield almost no fruit,
And are just circus, and graft,
with great peripheral harm.

Was that an attempt at a joke? Fast food?

Let’s get specific then.

Bitch, I have been held at gunpoint at the Amarillo county line. “Peace officer” types.

Sure, the Texans involved there were very nice (and well armed) but if I have an Inconvenience Story, it involves Texas, and their innate desire to detain odd people.

If you want to know what happens to Texas in the near future, watch Mad Max: Fury Road, but make sure it’s the Black and Chrome edition.

dude chill with the emotion and insults we sincerely need YOUR insight and perspective without the inflammatory decoration to make this productive.

Im mindful that we lost valuable contributors to threads like this namely Backfist Monkey and the like once they started to turn emotional , insulting and trolly during 2015/2016

This is Bullshido and we should try and hold ourselves to a higher standard than the rest of the internet given that many consider this site a reliable source.

(@Osiris i know what you are going to say but you have plenty of threads to say that in :slight_smile: )

Sorry but I like to keep Bullshido alive and kicking.

The apocalypse is here, so it’s important to toughen up your dough.

BFM used to ask me to tone down “the Beast” and to only let it out for 'the kill".

Fuck that. That’s how the terrorists like Trump win.

Y’all gonna force me into making and issuing a Real Texan ™ badge.

Dont forget one for George

Soros funding Democrats Push in US Border state - media

Russian news about the southern border is truly the most trustworthy, tovarich.

Putin hates Soros because he represents an existential threat to Putin’s decades of imperial rule. You’d never have heard of him otherwise, he’d just be another wealthy donor

That’s how they operate. If you push back, they make you an enemy of “the people”, but not all the people are necessary. Just the dictator’s.

Remember when Trump’s fanatics starting fucking with people on the highways? Voting centers? Hospitals? Public offices?

Some people are ready to vote for that Immortan Joe insanity.