Trump Shit Post Thread 2024


Sooo are the democrats holding President Trump to account for his insightment of insurrection or turning the US into a bannana republic?

Billionaires building bunkers whilst the Obamas release a movie about a civil war on Nextflix are we about to see the collapse from within of the latest great empire ?

Is either Trump or Biden going to be on the ballet in 2024 ?

Lets start with the 14th ammendment.
My understanding is that this is the reason the democrat judges are removing Trump from the ballet in some states:

Section 3
No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice-President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any State, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any State legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any State, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability.

So I guess it comes down to -

a) Was Jan 8th an Insurrection attempt?
b) Was Trump engaged in it?

From what I have seen from afar from all the footage and commentary without getting all tin foil hat “Feds did it” it looks like there were certainly at least a hand full of idiots that attending thinking that some sort of preventative measures where possible but the vast majority were simply protesting and then went with the mob when some started to enter the capital building.

Trump appeared to be cheering from the side lines because he viewed his fans protesting what he rightly or wrongly believed to be an unfair result as a win for his ego.

I personally struggle to believe that he thought they were going to overthrow the government that day and I am not convinced any democrat believes that either.

I eagerly await proof to the contrary it some exists.

You should put your hat on. Entire right wing terror list heads to DC. Entire left wing terror list rumored to be headed to DC. Left wing intelligence services head to DC. Giant maps to the attack targets published years in advance.

So where were the feds? Likely next to the people they were assigned to, also getting shot up and grenaded. So what’d they do? What would you do if you were on an intel mission and the other guys started shooting at you?

Also, peep the new Obama flick and the recent incident with Rabbit. Shit’s about to go DOWN.

What happened with @W.Rabbit ?

Do you have anything you can post to support any of that ?

Of course not. How is anyone here trustworthy? I can’t even trust you guys with just being allowed to go to work in peace.

As for Rabbit, there was a slight technical error.

That’s because you are not the subject of years of behavioral conditioning, and can still divine reality from fantasy.

As someone forced to surf that line, because duty calls, I can tell you that if you were to sit down and interview any of the 723 people convicted as a result of Donald Trump’s attempt to overthrow the Republic (63% of whom were locked up), you would get an uncanny same set set of themes that took years and years of layers to take hold.

QAnon, as dangerous as it still is to millions of families, is the tip of an iceberg that permeates the consciencness of everyone alive. If you are sane, just reading about it can make you crazy, like you witnessed an Old God. If you are even remotely inclined to any part of it, You’re already sliding into the abyss.

But if you want some real insight, you need to look at the center of the onion: Birtherism.

See, millions of Americans still currently believe Barack Obama is a Muslim, that he swore into the Presidency on the Quran, that his wife is a transexual, and that he spent 8 years trying to turn the US into a communist utopia.

Anybody who believes any of that is in need of serious deprogramming, in 2008. That was 15 years ago if it was yesterday. But these are the same people who believe 1,000 batshit crazy things.

In the old days, before the internet became a Mind Flayer, most people believed just a handful of batshit crazy things.

All I know is, actual security experts who aren’t thoroughly brainwashed over 40 all agree this Heavy Metal segment with Dio eerily summed up Jan 6, and then we all start talking about which federal building is going to be attacked next.

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It seemed another protest, not an insurrection.
I would point to the fact that insurrections are typically armed, violent, bloody affairs.
The word insurrection being used with the event seems a propaganda point.

If I had to guess, I suspect Trump really believes (and believed) the election was tampered with by the Democrats / his opponents.
Largely because it clearly was.
The problem or irony being, the Democrats and the Republicans always tamper with the elections to the degree that they are able to, and in this case the Democrats were able to cheat better / more effectively than the Republicans, and Trump is sour graping that.

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Are you kidding? If anyone should realize what just happened its you. Especially being from New England. You were literally responsible for the outcome of this. Which is fine. Just saying though, you can’t be seeing clearly if these are your beliefs.

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So where does that leave the US ?

From an external perspective the politics in the US grows closer and closer to a banana republic.

Its terrifying as your democracy effectively protects western civilisation.

Biden as president with Trump the no1 contender as much as anyone loves one or the other surely nearly all must see how ridiculous a choice that is for the global super power.

Before there is any whataboutism with the UK you are barking up the wrong tree you could not possibly insult the complete farce that is British politics anyworse than I could.

The UK is like the ginger step child of the western world . either a state within the US or the EU and it cannot decide or commit to either whole heartedly so is wondering aimlessely in limbo with neither really wanting to adopt it.

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Our elections have been compromised.
Our Bill of Rights has been seriously compromised following 9/11, and continues to be increasingly compromised, especially by the Federal government, the Federal agencies.
Ironically many authoritarian States have beautiful Constitutions, and Bill of Rights that guaranteed their citizens more rights than our (U.S. one) does - they just don’t follow or enforce them.
We have become a police and surveillance State, that has increasing precedent for Kangaroo Court activity, especially when boogeyman narratives are invoked.

Yes. Many Americans feel that way.
It’s a huge failing of the two party system, especially as our two Parties operate like organized crime groups, and cults.

Your King looks like an old time Elephant Head Soda fountain.
And, you still have a King, and royalty.

Theyre trying to jail one of the candidates. We’re screwed. Body armor and an AR-15 platform is whats needed.

I should also point out that this site is largely responsible for the current situation. Y’all just HAD to own a slave and now we have a civil war. Whoda thunk?

It wasnt a protest or an insurrection. Everyone is missing the context, deliberately. How do you see people marching around for months yelling “Fuck Antifa” and not understand who the target of their aggression was? The violent people infiltrated the protests on a whole side quest that had nothing to do with bring down the government.

Dude he’s on our money that monstrous relic is literally starring us in the face everyday :smiling_face_with_tear:

To the fallen Air Force intelligence officers who died in Operation Metal Gear, thank you. We love you. We will never forget you. To the Rangers who rained fire from the mountains, thank you. We love you. We will never forget you.

Wow, those lyrics.

This is like, a battle hymn for a 2024 Confederacy. “Bolls”, lol. Run rabbit, run.

When they stole the throne from a man of our own, by thе Lord she’d not concede
Till a man in bluе stood out of view sent her soul to Calvary
Now a veteran’s down, bleeding on the ground, at the mercy of the state
Now the blood’s on the hands on a terrible man whose people he clearly hates

So, the election stole Trump’s throne, but Ashley Babbitt battled on.

And the blood’s on whose hands?

You still don’t understand what killed these people. Its literally exactly what you think. Thats whats scary. You should see the problem here.

Basically, its a now and later attack. We’re currently at “later”, and its just a matter of who realizes that first. Its your job to be first, but you aren’t piecing together the puzzle. Analogous demolition will be the second wave.

Anyways, earlier were you saying epstein killed McAfee or was it Q?

He pulled a Naomi Judd.

I was joking with my dad tonight about John McAfee. He was having CPU issues. I actually knew that guy. Fuck, I know the guy who claims to have invented Bitcoin. And you.

As above, so below.

Holy shit. So I went to a Trump rally.


  1. Big on deportation and America first. Kinda the whole platform. Since we can’t live in peace, the motherfuckers gotta go. There is no peace as long as these parasites feel entitled to American money. A large part of the nation is waking up to that reality, and thats a good thing.

  2. Great community. When you get robbed by a bunch of foreign scumbags, they’ll be like “Get those motherfuckers outta here!” instead of helping the parasite. Very kind and supportive community. Nationalists through and through.


  1. Narcissistic. If his supporters all burned to death he’d be like “I braved the fire. It was so hot. The hottest flames, but I’m here and you love me.”

  2. Antitech. He thinks you can’t fight a war with a laptop. Yes you can. With 99% of Trump’s field casualties and lock ups being delivered at the hands of a fairly lowgrade cyberwarfare team, you’d think he’d course correct.

Deportation I think is the biggest element for me, because obviously these people can’t live here.

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