Trump Shit Post Thread 2024

I think it’s funny how black people are getting sick of the migrants too. Chicago which is a sanctuary city has black residents who are protesting their presence. Even Eric Adams black ass is getting annoyed.

Well, yeah. The left has overstepped. All I wanted at first was fair treatment by foreigners, especially in regards to my money. Now I realize we literally have to force these goons out on a systemic level. I’d rather not, but if you try to talk it out, you get further abuse and/or a laugh react. But when you get someone like Trump thats serious about that shit, they stop laughing and start getting scared. Now they’re concerned with human rights and tolerance. Should’ve tolerated the American people, because while these foreigners are in their hotels and mansions, spending American dollars, the Americans are mobilizing to take all that shit from them. And fuck their feelings. I don’t care if someone chops their grandma up.

This isn’t a fucking ATM. People live here. Thats why blacks are so heated. Its not about skin color. Its about basic respect for our culture, our money, our people, the state of our society, and the rule of law. And neither they, nor their white liberal supporters respect any of that.

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My argument is that we have a homelessness problem in America and the migrants get more opportunities than our own citizens. They’re getting free housing, phones, tablets and even an allowance. The migrants are getting prepaid debit cards with money put on them every month.

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Meanwhile, I’m a literal slave in my homeland to accomadate immigrant theft. And I pay taxes. I literaly had to sleep on the streets in below freezing temps for ethnic parasites here illegally operating outside the law. Nah. Enough is enough.

There are millions of us. We got this.

Osrisis I read your posts and I didn’t think they were innapropiate. But it’s your decision.

Osiris and I, disagree, regarding immigration.

But, I welcome his disagreement.

Sticks and Stones, and all that.

How exactly, were his posts “inappropriate”.

Gimme a break.

Children, learn how to have meaningful discussions, and how to disagree with each other.

Disagreement is not a harm.

Neither are words.

Grow up.

Put on your big boy pants, and / or, your big girl pants, and grow the fuck up.

Criticize everybody, and everything, especially when they are absurd.

And recognize the biggest idiots, and biggest sellers of Bullshit, when they say “that thing, that group, that country, that government, that idea…cannot be criticized.”

Then you know that the whoever puts out that message is parlaying weaponized bullshit.

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There’s multiple misunderstandings here. Dudes assuming I deleted my posts for content and gonzo is misreading his post.

I removed them because I cross posted to telegram where they got some accolades. Every so often grammers come looking, to verify my oft changing identity, to make sure I’m safe, cause they don’t like me, etc. Didn’t want them to do that via the post, so i removed it here.

Sorry for the confusion.

As for what I think of the posts, I think the primary speech I presented was pretty solid, structurally. If you agree, it slaps, if you disagree, its a slap, but its a solid post which people liked.

As for the issue at hand? If your house is on fire and you have a new roommate trying to move in, and his buddy started the fire, at the very least dude can wait outside til the fires out. Our country is on fire. I hope thats a metaphor.

Huh, if the Supreme Court rules for Fischer,

over 150 Jan 6th convictions could be overturned.

And over 300 Jan 6th people charged by the DOJ using SOX, will have those charges dropped.

And 2 of the 4 charges against Trump for Jan 6th will be dropped.

That is a noteworthy case to watch.

No one should be in jail for J6. Basically Obama is correct in his analysis of the situation.

If any of you followed my Manhunter-themed J6 thread 3 years ago, you’ll know exactly who is or isn’t guilty of criminal behavior on J6.

I have video of people breaking glass.

Who here has actually been allowed inside the Capitol building?

I filed a petition with the “QAnon Shaman”'s defense attorney.

DEFENSE. The Detroit way.

Mark me, nobody shit on my Great Grandmother’s bust. If you had, I’d have handled your ass personally.

I was in DC back in August and wrote to the embassy requesting a tour round the White House and they politely informed me that at present UK citizens are not allowed to go on tours in the White House.

So my family and I had to simply view it and wave from across the street.

I didn’t get to go to any of the museums as we were only there for 2 days so am going back next year and who knows if The Donald is president he may let us troublesome limeys back in.

From what I can see allot of the polls are predicting a win for Trump at present.

From afar it does appear as though he would have a harder time beating RFK than he would Joe Biden.

RFK seams better at taking some of the middle ground.

We dont have anything like that over here its one side or the other.

The polls also had Hillary Clinton beating him.

Which she did, legally speaking.

“Lock her up”, lol. But whose stank ass is sitting in court?

Talk about “hot bench”. The news today was Trump left during closing arguments but came back before adjournment.

That’s what he gets for being a fast food junkie and wannabe warlord.

Everyone poops.

If Michelle Obama runs, she wins.
If it’s between Biden and Trump, I think Trump will win.
If Biden and Trump are the candidates, I fear there will be civil disorder from the losing side, regardless of who wins.
And increasing illegal behaviors in the Federal agencies, and increased emergency powers that will be violations of the Bill of Rights, and civil rights violations.
Then again, Barack Obama expanded the indiscriminate domestic surveillance and retaliation against whistleblowers against government illegal acts to unprecedented heights.
So, if Michelle Obama wins and does the same, that would also be no bueno.

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Is the reason I personally think the billionaires and powerful are building bunkers.

I appreciate rich people have done so since time began but I dont think it can be argued that its become more wide spread given that many that are building them already have pretty good protection is more post apocalyptic style.

For several years I have said including on this site that billionaires should take head of history as when populations are treated unfairly eventually they rebel and it doesnt end well for those in their position regardless of their prior signalling.

One would hope they would start to put things right but rather than just try to position themselves to avoid the chaos.

With senior military figures in Europe telling their people to prepare for all out war with Russia despite the obvious fact that a war with Russia wont need many people as will be fought with mushrooms I can only wonder what bollox billionaires are being fed by their professional and unpaid advisors that have in part lead them down a path of idiocy.

You don’t know shit. This is why you’re gonna fail your primary, and most important, mission. Don’t even get me started on your sidequests.

You have all the pieces to the puzzle, but thats not how it fits together. Obama and Anonymous are the only ones to solve the case so far. Everyone else has been wrong. That includes you, the FBI, every intelligence service ever. The irony is, you can also solve it and easily. Its exactly who you really think it is.

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Good. Biden needs to be tried for treason.

How long until old media picks up this story?