TransHuman: Your No BS guide to Laurel Hubbard and the Olympics

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I am going to regret writing this. I already know and accept that. There is no way to touch upon this issue without really pissing off a lot of people. I agonized over writing this, and very nearly skipped it. Then I realized that the reason I did not want to write this piece was because I was afraid of the topic. That felt like a terrible reason to not write an article. So, like an idiot, I’m writing it anyway. I’m writing it from a place as close to pure objectivity as I can, and I am still going to fuck it up and piss off a lot of people. I’m sorry if you are one of them. I accept your rage as well-earned and will not pretend that the issue is not as sensitive as the glutes and hammies after a Wendler leg day. Let the healing (hating) begin. So who is Laurel Hubbard? Laurel Hubbard is a transwoman weightlifter who has just qualified for New Zealand’s Olympic team. If that sentence confuses you, I’ll explain. Laurel Hubbard was born biologically male, and transitioned to female in 2012 via a lengthy and unpleasant process of hormone therapy and…


Prima posta

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I fear you will find unfertile ground here to propagate these ideas

But a good, data rich, article

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This was a fair analysis from what I can see as I read it before running out the door to work.

Also, for a second with that title I thought we were going to be seeing transhumanism come in and my brain had to double check ‘have cyborg enhancements finally happened?’

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I read it as Laurel and Hardy first off

I would watch the ever-loving-fuck out of a transhuman olympics.

Who wouldn’t? Boxing with extra limbs? Fuck yeah

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Extra limbs? Why stop there?

Boxing with extra dicks. Each person must have no less than 12 penises on the front of their body.

No matter what happens, someone is getting punched in the dick. 1 round, 180 seconds of pain.

For people who object to that, there’s the bareknuckle Edward Penishands division. Standard boxing rules. No gloves, no mercy. The first sport in history where viagra is considered a PED.

I call for jousting, but the competitors are now cyborg centaurs and can dual-wield

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You must grow some strong stuff.

Never, ever compliment a marijuana producer’s shit. It’s a trap and it goes straight to their head every time.

The temptation to brag about one’s craft is far too great for most of us to avoid.

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I think you just invented a new genre of pornography.

grow some dong stuff amirite?

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I’m thinking of human/animal hybrid transhumans

Obviously my honey badger person will win most of the medals

Awesome article! Well researched and very thorough and thoughtful analysis of the situation.

A tail with the ability to lean back on, such as a Kangaroo tail, would radically change the efficacy of rear throws and take downs.

I like how for my screen it stops at ‘radically change the efficacy of rear’ and my brain follows with ‘ending’

That too.
Although if it was prehensile…

She transitioned from male to transfemale not female IMO.

I continued to read despite your insult of my opinion and enjoyed and agreed with what came afterwards.

Female going male is fair. Other way around is some BS and every biological man knows it.