TaeKwonDo side kick made great again (MTKDGA)

You don’t know what I have until I have to hit an opponent.

I might not even pick that version of a roundhouse kick. Depends on the context I’m fighting in.

If somebody has to be eliminated, I would put all my cards into that one. If I’m just sport sparring, I might be more economical since my toes are exposed.

The main focus in my training is just getting better.

You’re not fighting though, which is the point. And you admit you haven’t been in a fight.

I have sparred hard and landed shots on competitors.

I have not been in street fights with another martial artist. But I have been in an altercation with one, and he had the chance to fight. I went back to him after first walking away…

No. There are even WC with weak chins and cardio. Wladimir Klitchko had both and had to revise his style. He was a good technician however… When he was coming up he even lost a fight by gassing out and being unable to continue. It was insane.

His chin was frail but not total glass.

I don’t think you have ever fought a monster.

I don’t even think you have been I’m presence of one yet.

You do need some humbling

Hope it’s not by one of them.

And if it is… prey that they have a heart.

Sparring is a great training tool. It is not a fight.

I don’t care about fighting. Not even who does better in sparring.

Then why are you pretending your kicks are anything other than a more masculine jazzercise? TBQH 99% of people wouldn’t bother people who are just in it for the exercise if they didn’t start making authoritative claims about fighting.

Nothing new. Boxing trainers have observed it since the beginning.

What’s even crazier if we take someone like Ngannou, I don’t even think he’s a natural born fighter. He has these strange exchanges where he is punching like a sleep walker and in no control of his motions. That tells me he doesn’t even like it… Natural born fighters usually LOVE brawls.

If Ngannou had more normal size and strength I don’t think he would win a single fight. Maybe by the time he beat Stipe but certainly not before. He is the Ivo Karlovic of MMA. A power bot.

I still think he’s awesome precisely because he’s raw strength.

Because I had my fair share of so called gym wars. I have been l knocked down in sparring, followed MA, talked to trainers, researched etc.

I know about it, but I don’t care for it personally anymore.

My contention is that you can’t draw any conclusion, good or bad, based on how someone throws his strikes.

As for myself, between technique, sparring, kata, I did best in sparring.

Going somewhere and sparring is not a “gym war”.

Being knocked down and roundhouse kicked in the jaw full blast is a gym war to me. I thought he dislocated it. I was frustrated since I didn’t think he would stand up if I did the same thing back. So I just got tired of sparring.

Bro come on. At least be honest with yourself here.

IF I did the same thing back. I was not advanced enough back then to actually pull it off. This is 4 years ago…But of course you think you can, otherwise you wouldn’t try.

My instructor was not a fighting coach per se, but he thought I had good alignment to my kicks, even though they were most definietely crappy being a white belt.

I told him he can’t tell when I’m so basic. He begged to differ. He was closing the dojang and I followed him outside. I thought it was cool to get the chance to talk to him alone…

8 years later, alignment is my strongest trait. Who would have guessed a guy who trained since 1966 knows a thing or two:)

And by alignment I mean: “arrangement in a straight line or in correct relative positions”.

Tae Kwon!

Could you potentially kick a thing? Mabye i am missing something with the aur kicks.

It sounds more like a cope than anything else. I’m not trying to just shit on you to shit on you, but everything you’re doing and thinking now are things everyone who has trained TMA but never been in a fight does and thinks. I thought the same thing too when I was 13 years old and training TKD. Then I went to my first high school wrestling practice and found out for real.

You are not posting anything new. There were actually probably dozens of people here posting the same arguments and thoughts as you when I first joined the original forum back circa 2002.

You know literally nothing about grappling. Myself and @Dr.Gonzo alone have over 50 years (on the low side estimate) of true grappling experience between us here, training, competing, and teaching/coaching.

Flexibility can be trained and improved like anything else. I would know, I was never naturally flexible, and I’d estimate over 90% of people who start out in grappling are NOT “naturally flexible”.

My experience of YEARS of doing yoga with a professional YOGA instructor, showed me the same. People who are flexible “naturally”, are not really flexible in a good sense, they usually have hyperflexible joints, not “flexible” muscles. We would have (mostly) women come into the yoga classes who could do splits, and all sorts of back-bend stuff with NO YOGA training.

As my yoga teacher would point out, they had horrible technique in stretching, and possessed hyper-flexible joints.


I never said it couldn’t. My point was that people with poor flexibility seek TaeKwonDo and a lot of them stay at a shitty level instead of really trying to do something about it.

Yeah. But it is a manufactured shittyness. There are a lot of attributes that TKD doesn’t really cater for.