TaeKwonDo side kick made great again (MTKDGA)

As requested in my roundhouse OP… “throw a side kick”

I am happy to oblige.

I’d be curious of I can side kick through a block and knock the dude down. I think I can.

They just ran when we sparred…didn’t even want to block it.

You started a new thread for that?

Yes. Too many posts

I think this is your best work yet.

Jump spinning side kick was one of my favorites.

You have one of those?

Keep your guard up

Decent sidekick.

I am 32+ . they will have to sew me back up if I keep doing that shit. No way!

TaeKwonDo light these days

There are two movements to any kick. One is throwing it out one is putting it back on the ground.

I suggest to people to treat that as two kicks. So you can get that foot back and be done other stuff as soon as possible.

Guys seen this?

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Rogan will seize any opertunity to molest young men

He should have joined the priesthood

Lol…callen is old

Elder abuse is no laughing matter

Say hello to Joes “little friend”

Tank abbott challenged the TaeKwonDo boy after that article lol

Note he’s not dropping his hands.

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@hungryjoe yes he is a Joe Rogan Destroying A Heavy Bag With Combinations - YouTube

I like keeping my hands up for the simple reason that i’ve accidentally blocked shots i didn’t see coming.

I guess the more experience you have, the more you can play with that positioning, many great fighters with low hands or open stances. I like to keep them up because i think it increases the percentage shots i’m going to block, i’m not roy jones … haha.

That being said i guess the idea with a side kick like that is you are moving your head out of the way. I’d have my hands back up as soon as that foot comes down though, imho. Hands up is something i focus on a lot, bag work, ladder work, pad work, whatever, especially when tired. My hands need to go to my head without even thinking about it, even when i’m just explaining something, like a subconscious reflex.


Of course you could

Drill the fuck out of it

Whilst those kicks might impress your girlfriend or 12 year old nephew, any decent opponent will exploit that hole in your defence