Surfing the Discourse Cesspool — The Worst Fringe Takes on Social Media

Never trust anyone who puts the H in Hertz in lower case.

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I can’t even joke about AI anymore. It’s not funny.

Just caught a doctoral student of mine using Grammarly. Again.

My new research arm: AI, Digital Cults, and Critical Infrastructure.

All Hail the New Flesh.

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oh hey just the world’s richest man calling for people who disagree with him politically to be executed no big whoop

GOP nominee for POTUS 2028. Watch for it.

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Fortunately he can’t run since he was born in South Africa.

So no President Apartheid Clyde

We’ll see. He’s already launched a car into outer space.

According to the current GOP nominee, President Obama might have been born in Kenya, many times. More times than anybody ever heard about. Might have held the Quran once.

It’s hard to believe this all started with a birth certificate. An African and a gal from Kansas fell in love and…yadda yadda yadda, Vice President Harris is a “diversity hire”.



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“DEI hire” is the right’s new wink-wink stand-in for the n-word.

It’s the new “quota hire”.

A black woman beating Trump would be something. Physically.

I’d pay to see that. He looks like the crying, bleeder type.

Wheelchair bound heros for D&D is a contentious issue apparently.

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And they are still going.

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I get the idea of visibility and accommodations, but in a system where you have literal resurrection, you’d think a MF would get their legs fixed by the neighborhood cleric or druid.


Free Speech Man big mad people don’t want to advertise on his platform.

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