Surfing the Discourse Cesspool — The Worst Fringe Takes on Social Media


Sometimes a random person has a brilliant idea that none of the recognized “thought leaders” had struck upon, and they are rightfully lauded for their novel and unexpected impact they’ve made on the culture and more broadly, the human race itself*.

This is not a thread about those people.

*And occasionally lightning strikes someone twice while they’re yodeling the Hamilton soundtrack in a peanut butter bikini.

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This is the side effect of everyone becoming a literal cyborg, assimilated by mobile and wearable tech. We inserted it in between ourselves and the real world, so it’s easy to go off the map. Practically every modern societal ill is connected to it, and exacerbated by it.

It’s natural when you think about it. Of course the information network interface is so intimate and innate now…people sleep with their phones, wake up to them, hug them right when threatened. In an argument? is exhibit A how much power and control you all wield online, with respect to presence. This is how YouTubers and Influencers make their living.

Quite a few scifi authors saw this coming, especially Heinlein.

I just want power armor. I could give up my phone easy, in fact I love losing and forgetting it. Leads to far fewer stupid internet conversations, that’s for damned sure.

Yes, I see your point. But this is a thread where we make fun of those people and stare into the abyss and rethink our place in the universe.

So get with the screenshots.

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Tally ho…

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Ted Cruz is kind of a low-hanging… nut.

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Sadly I know someone like this moron. She was on my yoga ttc in india, when she found out my mother had passed in conversation about back home, she told me had my mother had ‘a better attitude’ she’d have cured her brain tumour (she says while getting drunk and verbally abusing one of the youngest people at the course and not coming to class).

She randomly messaged the whatsapp group the other week to say she now has breast cancer and wants pranyama and thoughts and prayers to cure it. I thought she was malicious and now I realize she’s just ignorant but think she’s woke.

How very sad humans are. Thanos didn’t need a snap he needed to take the warning labels away.



Oh hey I know her.

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Yes you do-- she’s me. :grinning:


Oh hey, howdy. We’re apparently crossing the streams here.

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This is the single dumbest thing I’ve seen all week:

"plant those into tomato plants? Like, plant the tomatoes? WTF?

I’m a fairly serious veggie gardener, it doesn’t work like that…

Neither does running a business, either.


With incredible mind bending powers and a lot of control over…a lot of you.

His beard offends me, a lot. I hate pussies that grow beards to look manly, but get cucked by Donald Trump.

Sounds like Steve Jobs.

Makes sense, he created a cult out of the whole world.

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As a former ITS officer, I can safely say Ted has the worst acting chops I’ve ever seen.

He’s no Donald Trump, that’s for sure.

I’ve got some leads to share, but it isn’t funny. It’s going to come from a very high level CIA operator and I find it highly concerning.

Remember psycho internet discourse is not limited to bullshiting amongst random strangers, it’s balls deep in the American power structure (thanks to reality TV and smart phones).

I have a laundry list of commercial and military pilots who swear UFOs are real. I might even know some of them, personally. You go first.

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Well UFOs are real.

IFOs, ID’d as aliens, are another thing entirely; extraordinary claims —> extraordinary evidence.