South Florida Condo Collapse

Many feared dead after Florida beachfront condo collapses

The family had come to the United States to avoid the COVID-19 outbreak in their home country of Argentina

Oh, boy, there’s so much to unpack, there. First, thoughts and prayers, but this little gem of a COVID story is buried in the depths of an Einstürzende Neubauten fantasy, which is undoubtedly being set up as yet another failure of Republicans. More on that, in another thread.

I just find it interesting that, in light of the common wisdom that the US had such a dismally bad response to COVID, that people were fleeing their home countries to come HERE to be safer. Sorta conflicts with what we’ve been told, every day, for the last 18 months, no?

They’re from Argentina. It does not require a huge leap in logic to understand that they felt it was safer to leave a place with poor medical access for one with better access.

Better doesn’t mean good or the best. It might just mean the best they could do.

One thing is for sure.

Don’t watch the video of it.

You don’t have to, there is zero reason, but if you do, it never really leaves your mind (assuming you are human). Same reason I won’t watch 9/11 videos.

Kind of like the beginning of The Believers with Martin Sheen. I can’t watch that movie a second time. Far too believable.

How? It’s a 40 year old building. Anything could have happened to undermine it’s integrity. There was construction on the roof. If I had to guess, whatever they were doing up there caused the collapse.

Conspiracies already forming.

The usual suspects…false flag diversion, secret immigrant sanctuary, insurance fraud plot by the gay Miami underworld…

Made that last one up but…

Everyone knows that’s what’s next. Give it a few days. I’ll start the thread, when the time comes.

“People are refusing to take the Vaccine because they don’t trust his Administration, they don’t trust the Election results, and they certainly don’t trust the Fake News, which is refusing to tell the Truth.”

Trump, Save America PAC statement, yesterday.

Just call him Mr. Trust.

I remember a time less than a year ago when people were proactively refusing to take a “Trump,” vaccine.

“I will say that I would not trust Donald Trump,” Harris said, “and it would have to be a credible source of information that talks about the efficacy and the reliability of whatever he’s talking about. I will not take his word for it.”

Cuomo went further, suggesting he mistrusted not just President Donald Trump, but also the Food and Drug Administration under Trump. Asked about his confidence in the FDA, Cuomo indicated he didn’t have much.

Really? Reap what you fucking sow.

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Yep, all the antivaxxers and COVIDidiots are Biden/Harris supporters. Not.

Too bad the worst vaccination rates and outbreaks of Delta are all in states that voted for “Trust Me” Drumpf and voters.

Frankly, I find your false equivalence disturbing.

OK, then, let’s take a look at “double the cases.” I know you like graphs. This one is from Johns Hopkins:

Only 161 million vaxed?

Last year, Republicans were smart to not get the vaccine. This year, they are dumb to not get the vaccine. The difference? Which old guy is sitting in the chair.

What point are you making with the graphs, though?

If you’re asking why the number of vaccinated countrywide isn’t stemming outbreaks, it’s because of acceptance locally and regionally.

Most densely populated areas have had successful rates. The issue remaining is twofold:

1 - Trump is still the defacto spirit animal of the GOP and is still campaigning against public health info and officials (including his own). Rick DeSantis is selling “Don’t Fauci My Florida” campaign shirts, because epidemiology is public enemy #1 to the Florida GOP.

Meanwhile FL cases are surging back to levels not seen there 5 months ago. Most will be Delta infecting unvaccinated people.

2 - The pockets of unvaccinated are predominantly not getting vaccinated out of fear stoked prior to COVID, but especially by the extreme elements of the right (there is no real left wing vaccine fearmongering going on, right?)"

To take a step back, what’s happening is the antivax movement created the problem over the last 15 odd years of internet disinformation.

But only one of those keeps campaigning against public health officials, because he’s making a shit ton of money and political connections
doing it. The same old guy who called COVID a “hoax” and got this train started. We’re up past 600,000 dead.

If the Democrats, Fauci, or anyone else was attacking medical science, I’d have a problem with that too.

Somebody forgot to tell them that there’s a new de-facto spirit animal?

The problem with the left, in general, is they think Republicans are stupid and will believe any line you feed them. It’s the most offensive position you can take. We know it’s really the Democrats that are stupid, and will believe any line you feed them, this narrative is proof.

Which narrative exactly?

A less than 24 hour old quote directly from Drumpf is still quite influential. No need for stories, it’s clear as crystal. The Fake News isn’t telling the Trump Truth about the election…yadda yadda vaccine.

You do agree he should shut the fuck up…right?

I agree that you should stop listening to Trump.

You realize he hasn’t been POTUS for 6 months now, right?

If only me not listening would mean his army of crazies would also.

I can’t control time and space you know. Just predict the future to a small degree (ie forecasting).

You can control your own consumption. Or, perhaps not, maybe that is why we are at an impasse, here.

I do often wish I’d gone into robotics or even pro MMA instead of information warfare. This one is impossible for me to avoid, especially because of the nefarious foreign influence here (Putin had plans for this).

This whole affair has turned into university case study for the age. And I don’t blame any political party in entirety, more like individual personalities

I really blame Jenny McCarthy for breaking the ice on this. It was only a matter of time before we got a Reality TV president that took the idea and ran with it.