On Death Penalty and the Monopoly of Violence

This statement (*Edit by W.Rabbit) in the thread “Is America Doomed” makes me think.

Please forgive my orthography, indulge with my logical flaws, but gently adress my mistakes. I will thank you thoroughly.
I am thinking it as I write it.

If the State starts with a Monopoly of Violence, it obviously needs funds.

Taxes extend the State along time as far as the Monopoly of Violence is held.

The level of violence that a society can endure without a revolution diverges from culture to culture, but I’d like to think that prosperity is the key for stability. No hunger, no revolution.

Death penalty could be an example of said violence.

On the other hand, taxes can be a guarantee for prosperity if they are properly implemented, because market must be leveled somehow. We don’t like monopolies, and free market no holds barred competition produces them.

So I have a question for you, bullies.

If a State can take your life from you, shouldn’t it give you an extra 1UP if possible?

I have this thought because of the fact that my life has been threatened in two different scenarios, both times in countries with no Death Penalty, and both times rescuing and healing me has been awfully expensive.

I am starting to believe that in USA, where it exists, there is not such a public social shield at all.

My point is that Death Penalty should be a feat only of those States that guarantee the life of their citizens by all their means.

Norway gave me my life back when I had already given it up, but they keep Breivik alive and playing videogames.

I don’t understand how can it work for you Americans. inbound1051603664038594427

American law is full of contradictions and contradicting agendas. Most Europeans (and Americans to be honest) only ever get taught the highlights of all the real eyeball catching stuff but lack the insight provided by all the nuance in a thorough deep reading that some of us nerds get.

America’s political system effectively provides a battleground where partisans can murder each other with lies instead of bullets and sharp pointy objects.

I wish it wasn’t the case but even the most casual look at governments, both democratic and authoritarian, reveals that systems meant to run on truths are very easily coopted to run on lies.

American government is just another battleground of lies and corruption vs facts and law.

The more the public are fed lies, the closer the entire works come to failure.

Of course, the corrupt liars will eventually win. The system itself is built to fail. The rewards for lying are too big and the penalties are too small.


The state does not have a monopoly on violence.

So, false premise.

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But it is meant, or it aims at doing so? Isn’t it?

I understand your point, but yet I have to say that, for example in Spain, our Government does not have the legal right to kill someone (even if there are more irregular and very mediterranean ways of doing it in discreet ways).

I believe, correct me if not, that UK’s Prime Minister has the possibility of “sanctioning” someone, and so does le President de La France.

About Obama killing a foreigner on a nuclear empowered country I am not doubting, so…

And that being outside of a public trial on court with a right for a legal defence, it is also violence by the State. Am I right?

But what I would like you to consider is the paradox that a country that spends literally millions in “giving life” to its citizens, by healing them with expensive healthcare, won’t kill a guy who massacred dozens of youngsters in cold blood.

I don’t desire this guys death, but still amazes me a lot, given the charges.

Does killing someone by lethal injection constitute violence?

Fear in the face of death does make it quite a violent endeavour.

Every one feels fear in the face of death, but we don’t all die violently

Yes. Homicide.

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Do you suggest homicide is, by it’s very nature, violent ?

By definition.

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By definition homicide means human killing

The level of violence is not specified

Thats 100% violence. You can’t possibly get more violent than homicide.

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The “standard,” in the US is whether or not “cruel and unusual.” So, by law and precedent, we have “humane,” ways to kill people.

See also Florida pregnant pig turning.

Violence infers force

Killing without force is not violent

Lethal injection involves no force

This makes no sense. You’re legit kinda dumb.


Once again you resort to ad homs when you’re argument disintegrates

No, I mean your commenrs are obtuse and unintelligent. Dumb. They have no content. They are also devoid of knowledge and insight.

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Yeah, it’s not like the dude is tied down against his will…


Sure it does.

A penis forces its way into holes the same way.

I thought you were the hole expert! I’ve seen the photos.

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