My spinning side kick has a higher force than Rogans

A little.



Where did you find that?

There’s a YouTube comment where someone wrote:

:Imagine that old guy can kick everyones ass in the dojang.

Martial arts illusions are the best, aren’t they?

I found it inside Bruce Willis’ mouth.

Martial arts illusions are all about Ninjutsu. Funny enough, I studied ninjas for a long time. 15 years or so. And not in Japan or anything, I’m talking about the cult built around it.

Martialtalk, MAP, Bullshido, etc. such stories. All pussies. Every single one. No actual ninja posts like they are one. Talk about illusion.

A ninja foreseen is half avoided. Remember that one. I can’t take credit, but it’s the best special ops advice I ever heard.

Did you know SEALs used to be just angry swimmers with knives? Somebody very wise said “ok, let’s use this energy”.

@W.Rabbit UFC 3 winner was a ninja cop!!

Only because Royce gassed out. It happens.

Bjj makes people very tired. Not as much as kung fu, but close. Sometimes, vomit.

Did you know male lions rest/sleep up to 20 hours a day? Because of their mass, and because they spend so much energy hunting at night, the rest of the time they just lounge, and yet maintain all that muscle mass.


@W.Rabbit I’ve heard they never hunt. Females do all the work

You’re thinking of food.

I’m talking about enemies.


Any truth to this from the great thinker?


Like all soft celebrities, he learned about this from YouTube.

We’ve talked about this a bit on Bullshido over the years but vagal maneuvers (the hoot) are a key to not dying in heavy gravity.

Every tried to “hoot” your way out of a blood choke? It works. For two reasons, keeping blood in the brain but also dominatiing your own vagus nerve (in a blood choke someone else is fighting you for that dominance).

Doctors will have you do this to help with tachycardia, abnormal heart rhythm, etc.

Hold your nose and blow out.

Case study for you.

Tom Cruise actually does a bit on this in Top Gun 2.

Have you read Jack Reacher? I saw that movie the other day for the first time. Wasn’t bad at all, although the 5:1 bar fight was a low point.

Quicky rectified by Werner Herzog though. He and I actually look alike. Like my older brother, in fact.

Cruise is another one. I know he’s a Scientology nut, but he also does his own stunts. Nobody’s perfect.

In a lot of ways that does make sense regarding the lions. Hypertrophic growth and the processes related to it happen during sleep, and sleep quality has been linked to quality of gains and maintenance in humans as well as other animals.

Can you explain to Mitt Romney why airplane windows can’t be opened?

He doesn’t understand.

I haven’t heard the word wheel kick since I played shenmue years ago.

This is off the scale in speed. Still got a few years left in me.

One of the things that bothers me in the martial art community is that everyone thinks their martial art is valid just because it’s better than taekwondo.

Can you do a slow mo video. I missed it.

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Signature Taekwondo kick