My spinning side kick has a higher force than Rogans

How did you measure the force?

We can’t even see what you’re hitting or how heavy it is.

Do you know the calculations for Rogan’s force output? How? Have you repeated this experiment to determine the high end of the bell curve of performance?

I estimate it based on the acceleration of my kick compared to his.

I can’t say if it’s more powerful though. That would require knowiedge on mass differences and how the target was hit.

Slower wind-up.

Not the same bag
no measuring equipment
no recordings of output

My friend, this is as groundless as claims of chi energy. Without measurements, you have nothing.

how did you measure said acceleration?

So your bet is on Rogan?

What do you mean? What bet? I’m asking you how measured this with the scientific method since you are making a claim without much evidence. What ‘bet’ is there, mate?

@kimjonghng If you had to bet which had the most force, would you put your blocks on Rogans???

As for acceleration, you can just slow motion it if you saw the entire sequence, then plug it into physics tool kernel and get an estimation of power based on the measurement of both me and Rogan (size and length).

I don’t have that data on Rogan however and last part of my kick is missing.

well if you know how to do that, give us the numbers?

How are you getting that information with the last part of the kick missing from the footage?

@kimjonghng I can’t do it without the full frame of the leg.

But unless that camera deceives the eyes, it appears to be higher acceleration big enough to not warrant calculation.

the camera you admitted missed part of the kick?

What’s your camera set up?

Also, the thing with force, there’s two parts. Acceleration is one, what about mass? Are you bigger, stronger, thicker legged than Rogan?

Why is it important to you that this is the case? Are you planning a podcast talking about DMT with all assortments of people?

Rogan is 5’6.

Does that answer your question?

and weight? how do those compare with your own and how much of it is contractile tissue?

@kimjonghng The only thing I know for sure is that speed beats mass.

If you double mass, you double power. If you double speed, your quadruple power.

Rogans execution is more controlled (less energetic wind-up) although he holds the technique longer than I do.

Him holding the kick longer increases mass, but mass doesn’t beat speed for power ,unless I do a really poor job(which I obviously didn’t, you can hear the blast even of you don’t see it.).

There are other factors to consider. But at face value, I wouldn’t be surprised if I generated both more force and power.

Your grasp of physics is poor.

P = F * v

Prove me wrong.

No. This is Battle Beast logic.

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go fight him then

"If the mass of a body is doubled, its kinetic also gets doubled and if the mass of a body is halved, its kinetic energy also gets halved…

If the velocity of a body is doubled, its kinetic energy becomes four times and if the velocity of a body is halved, then its kinetic energy becomes one- fourth…

It is obivious that doubling the velocity has a greater effect on the kinetic energy of a body than doubling its mass."

Now you are mixing power and kinetic energy, just like you mixed up speed and acceleration before.

I would stick to terms like “harder” or faster and avoid physical dynamics.

Especially the bullshit about mass and force.