My spinning side kick has a higher force than Rogans

@W.Rabbit By having higher kinetic energy I will produce more power than a midget.

Speed doesn’t beat mass.

And this part is where you mixed up kinetic energy and power.

They aren’t the same thing.

You aren’t even taking into account the time domain.

What I wrote there is correct.

Double mass - double power
Double speed- quadruple power.

No. You’re mixing up power (energy/time) and kinetic energy (energy).

If you know multivariate calculus you’ll know why this is important in a discussion about kicking a bag.

@W.Rabbit It’s not important since I wrote that the FORCE of my kick is higher than Rogan.

I didn’t say power

Sure you didn’t.

Nice pants by the way. I remember your videos from before. Different username, same pants.

@W.Rabbit The thread reads:

My spinning Side Kick has a higher Force than Rogans.

I’m confident my power is higher also, but I can’t prove that by speed alone.

Did you remember me BeiNg that good?

I forgot the login …

Even then force itself doesn’t really matter as much as impulse (force/time).

Again, without taking time into account you can’t know what your acceleration or power is.

This is a 4 dimensional process, it has a trajectory and a provenance.

@W.Rabbit You can compare the two clips and the point of acceleration.

Rogans acceleration doesn’t really get big until he is passed his own hips.

My acceleration is high by the time I pass My own hips, and that’s just half of the motion. More room to accelerate= more power

We both have strong hip motions. We both have Long legs ( I should have longer). We both go in a straight Line.

Rogan sits down on the target longer, but higher acceleration beats mass increase, unless the difference in mass/weight is gigantic.

Comparing the two clips is pointless, there’s no common time reference on the scales you would need to compare. Your eyes and ears aren’t a substitute.

There really is no common frame of reference for anything between the two videos other than it’s the same basic kick.

When you say “beats” you’re talking as if they are not connected. Force is square proportional to acceleration, but acceleration is also very dependent on mass.

So again without knowing exact masses of specific body parts, exact time measurements, etc, this is all guesswork on your part.

Also, Joe Rogan has kicked actual people. Even so, he’s a moron so why do you care.

@W.Rabbit If you only had to go by your eyes, who do you think had the greatest amount of kinetic energy?

why are you asking rando’s to validate your spinning dick measuring contest over who has the most midi-chlorians between you and a podcast host?

Why not show it to your senpai if you want him to notice you so much?

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@kimjonghng It’s a world record if I better Rogans.

According to GSP.

And I bet you I do

Ricardo Montalban.

@W.Rabbit Do you think I’m taller than Rogan? Or should we keep quiet about that too since we haven’t measured it?

is there anything substantiating that world record claim though?

@kimjonghng Why don’t you say Rogans looks more powerful? I’ve already won this if you think it’s debatable.

So thank you. I guess

I didnt say it was debatable, I said your reasoning wasn’t sound and not backed up with anything other than cropped camera footage while you provide no numbers or calcs.

You also claim that GSP said its a world record but provide no proof of that statement or how GSP allegedly worked this out in the first place.

Low hanging troll fruit