My spinning side kick has a higher force than Rogans

Korean music. I hope GeneraI Choi approves of it

Respect the Korean martial arts.

No one is going to fall for that. Who are you really?

My real self is a troll. My fake self is regular guy

So the opposite of most people.

The only martial thing Korea has ever given the rest of the world was the mighty culture devoted to StarCraft.

I’ll take one South Korean StarCraft master over a hundred Tae Kwon Do goons kicking bags and breaking kiln dried wood.

Zergling Rush vs Cannon Plinko scenario for example. Every second counts.

Boards are for pussies

Think I’m gonna watch Tango and Cash now.

My TKD instructor only gave one movie tip in 4 years:

When TaeKwoDo Strikes starring Jhoon Rhee.

Bruce Lee was behind the making of it… He adored Rhees kicking abilities and really wanted His friend to have a movie.

Speaking of breaking boards

When I had depressions as a 20 year old I asked the instructor to bring out some plastic boards to smash…

It flew out of the hands of a bodybuilder holding it with another student.

Felt good. Reverse punch.

i’m impressed you know that there was a Kim player involved in the defrauding of TaeKwonDo after kicking Choi out of South Korea

Pretty sure this is a fake martial art. Just like Taekkyon, which was a Korean folk dance

Not gay

So this has been trolling all along?

In my last sparring session with a national fighter in ITF

I nailed him with this

I had lost every other sparring session.

Dude it’s just sparring. I don’t brag about spanking people inside my martial art. You admitted you’re trolling so people are going to stop replying to you. Plus it’s the weekday and people are training. So maybe that’s it too.

I may be a troll but I can still kick like a Korean demon.


Everybody looks bad compared to this guy

In all honesty this was a good troll job. I don’t think I could make a thread with nearly 500 replies titled “My Kotegaeashi is better than Steven Seagale’s.”

It’s what I do.

It’s like a gift, like I can’t control it.

But I can.

Kick this, 마이 데몬.

You’re not even big enough to be a real troll, in the Tolkien sense.


@W.Rabbit Do I look like a general Choi?