Let's talk about sex, baby, let's talk about you and me

Calling BS that Bullshido cares about consensual sex but not rape and violent wage theft. It sounds like they just don’t care about the community at all.

So what’s your solution, litigate who people can sleep with? Yeah that’s a great idea…

Nope I’d never get married, had a ex who drained me badly money wise already n now she’s after another poor sap, guess I’m ahead of you in that.

Yup my point is any woman in your vicinity can make up shit n dumb crap like what you’re saying doesn’t help, should we go back to separating the sexes? There was a BJJ instructor I believe who did just that due to accusations I think, so he said ok I’m no longer training woman, so woman started to complain.

Sorry but it’s nobody’s business who adults sleep with, if the business, school etc wants to fire them ok whatever but it’s not predatory.

It’s the business’ business who their trainers bone, and if you think there’s not a dom/sub relationship built in to every training environment, you have missed the mark.


Oh ok…so you want to tell adults who they can bone…that’s not weird

Yes, and I want to be sued by people that have a personal beef with my employees, because the sex was not good enough or too abusive or whatever. There are angles you are not recognizing, here.


the irony of people in your jurisdiction being out of your jurisdiction in another way is amusing

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I care


Question? Would I be able to date an instructor though?

Like if she was super hot or something?

It is she who is not allowed to date you.

You would have to leave the gym and then court her from a distance to avoid impropriety.

Kinda like when White Goodman fires Kate in Dodgeball so he can date her.

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Just make it illegal for them to date lol…

This is about hate and entitlement. Instructors are people too. They try to tell us where we can live. Who we can hang with. Who we can fuck. How much we can earn. Who can access our credit cards. Meanwhile pedophilia, rape, and violent wage theft are rampant, but Bullshido won’t speak on that. Gotta crack down on the consensual sex.

C’mon, man, we speak on that all the time. And, a big part of what we do, here, is helping people with risk assessment, i.e. don’t put yourself into a position where somebody is going to fuck you up the ass, metaphorically or otherwise (unless you’re into that, and then it’s OK).

Whoa, where’s all this coming from? It is possible for a person to care about all of those things.

Huh? No one is putting themselves in these positions. Its something Carlos and friends are doing. Notice how he’s running with LI, Cyborg, etc. We did officially address LI. But how about Cyborg? And how about how Carlos kicked me out BUT NOT THE TWO RAPISTS.

There is an active, multi prong, on-going investigation regarding Fight Sports, ie the network ran by Cyborg, and pedophile / sex predator situations, and allegations, within that network.

[quote=“mider2009, post:51, topic:1354”]
So what’s your solution, litigate who people can sleep with? [/quote]

It’s already been litigated. Company employment contracts are written by lawyers for lawyers.

Owners and managers can’t fuck the staff. It’s begging for a lawsuit. Any professional environment will fire management for having sex with employees and any owner that does it is a fucking moron. If that person gets mad for any reason, all they have to say is you had sex with one of them and cry in a courtroom. Then you’re fucked.

Same thing with fucking customers. Jesus, it’s like you think everyone walking around with good judgement and an excess of personal responsibility all the time.

Go ahead and play big swinging dick in a court room with a judge. They love that shit.

…because that son of a bitch is messing with the boss’s meal ticket, that’s the bottom line.

The bottom line in any business is MONEY.

Even if it’s not lawsuit territory, the odds that student gets demoralized and quits just went way up due to shit that should have nothing to do with that place of business. Who here has experienced or witnessed a situation where one party felt regret after sleeping with someone even due to outside reasons and wound up avoiding the other? Well, at a business that means you just lost a customer.

If you want your freedom to chase tail wherever you want, go do that shit on your own damn time. Or maybe have a little respect for your employer’s gig and don’t fuck with his business and he won’t fuck with your paycheck.

Is a little fucking professionalism too much to ask?

I mean officially. And there is no authentic investigation. Bullshido doesn’t have the skill. Never has. What’s happens when you sort by betweenness centrality for example? Hmm… I don’t think this investigation exists. Bullshido has a basic idea of how an investigation works, but zero understanding of the math and science behind it. RN I’m on a comp and the comp is literally just telling me who the guy is I’m looking for.

We have the skill. What we don’t have is the bottomless pockets to insulate this endeavor when somebody makes an oopsy on this side.

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No you don’t. I have NEVER seen a legit investigation on Bullshido INCLUDING the ones I did. Those blew ass.