January 6th: One Year Later

Several high level FBI personnel got caught, on several occasions, inappropriately sabotaging and/or surveilling Trump’s campaigns, his administration, etc.
The FBI’s behaviors regarding the Trump campaigns, particularly, made Watergate seem tame.

How does provoking a riot to prevent Biden becoming President help the FBI’s anti trump agenda?

Who are the force you are referring to?

You are asking the wrong guy.
I was not in on it.

So it’s just baseless speculation then?

The above quote is not speculation.

The speculation is the link between the FBI and the riots and their role as agent provocateur

Because that’s what this thread is about

Various facets of the Patriot militia.

It doesn’t. Two different facets of the FBI.

Oh lord, I’m now in a new J6 documentary drunk as fuck and dressed like Batman. That shit was nuts. They literally parked an FBI surveillance van at the event. If the task force ever does try to lock me up, that trial is gonna be LIT.

So why did the FBI team up with antifa to initiate the riot?

They didn’t. They were chasing Antifa, who was on the loose in DC, and basically chased them into the Capitol accidentally.

Why are the FBI denying this version of events?

That is a stupid question, with an obvious answer.

If the FBI, or members of the FBI behaved inappropriately, that would be its own reason for denying doing so, as bad actors often do, regarding inappropriate behaviours and actions.

The FBI, during the Trump campaigns, and Trump administration did behave inappropriately, several times, usually in an adversarial manner to the Trump campaign, or President Trump.

However, that may or may not have included Jan 6th collusion, participations, organization, etc.

The FBI certainly knew it was going to happen, and did little or nothing to stop it, impede it, mitigate it, etc.

They aren’t. Did you hear them deny it when questioned? They’re saying they can’t answer questions related to their involvement with J6. There are two reasons for this. To protect informants and to cover their asses as to what exactly their people did that day.

BLM riots of summer of 2020 caused over a billion dollars in damage, including federal and state buildings.
In some cities, sovereign nations were declared during those riots.
At least 18 deaths from the riots occurred that Summer.
During BLM and Antifa riots, Federal court houses were set on fire, and police stations were attacked with explosives.

The January 6th riots caused $1.5 million in damage.
One unarmed woman was shot by a Capital police officer, and some heart attacks, mostly of Trump supporters, occurred.

Anyone who calls Jan 6th an insurrection, is an idiot.

And the BLM and Antifa riots caused thousands of times the financial damage, and government disruption.
And had sovereign State areas declared.

One year later, the Orwellian idiots in the press, and those that repeat their crap, are still dumb as hell.


The problem is that people check facts against narratives, not narratives against facts.

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So what did they have to gain by getting a bunch of drunken Street gang members to beat up another bunch of street gang members?

That’s a standard response to any question about operational matters

The BLM/antifa guys are not organised or motivated to instigate the kind of civil unrest and civil war that the Jan 6 rioters embodied

The leftists were blowing off steam, in a violent and antisocial way, that was pointless and expensive

The looney right want to kill the Jews