Help a brother out


It has come to our attention that a fellow BSer is suffering from a rare and uncomfortable medical condition and needs our help

@BrevardFighter , representative of the White Trash Nation is battling the unpleasant form of Trans Orifice Syndrome commonly known as having an “Ass cunt”

This is no laughing matter as I’m sure you will agree, so along with “Thoughts and Prayers” I have decided to start a go fund me page to raise money to allow @BrevardFighter to actualize his true potential and be the best he can be, regardless of how many vaginas he may have and where on his anatomy they are located

Please give generously

Christ, I’m too late again.

What the fuck made you make this thread? Did you need to magnify this douchebags energy?

I blocked him on day 1. I know Bullshido is all blocking/reporting is for pussies, but that’s stupid talk by people who are pussies IRL.

IRL, just block these morons.

Living with an ass cunt is no picnic

Rise above your partisan differences and help a fellow human out

@BrevardFighter , since you insist on appropriating Red Neck culture perhaps you would tell us what attributes you have that qualify you as a Red Neck?

Except I’m not Australian

But please, tell us your Red Neck credentials

Like I said

You just LARP at Red Neckin’ with your Country Club Red Neck friends

Which is fine, but don’t expect folk to take you seriously

You can argue I’m not a Red Neck, but I’m 10 times the Red Neck you are

Does your addiction to prescription pain killers make you feel more Red Neckesque ,

You objectively are not. You are a libtard Emu cuck who sells shit out of his garden and lives on welfare. Those might be two things a red neck, cracker, or hill billy do but that’s not sufficient for you to be one.

So when the accusation of being a snobby rich person trying to larp as a not rich southerner didn’t work, now I’m addicted to opiates? You keep swinging and missing.

These cope threads you make are sad and pathetic. Whenever I login and see a reply from you in a thread, I know it’s going to be pic related:



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You make up things about me, I make up thinks about you

That’s the way it works

Neither are you a Red Neck

It’s sadder that you replied to it

I win

what do you mean?

Is it slang, or something?

you are such a control freak

And to not get the point you have to be a midwit.

Guess I’m just another redneck midwit

First, you are not a redneck. You’re a Britbong who went to Australia to garden. Second, yes you are a midwit if you don’t understand the point I’m making.

Perhaps you could help this ole redneck out and explain it in simple, country terms

You’re not a redneck lmao you’re a Bongistani.

LGBT is the state religion. Requiring someone to address you by your fake pronouns is the equivalent of requiring a non believer to say Christ is Lord. If you’re not an LGBTian it’s simply forced adherence to their religion. Simple as.

No it’s not

Not really, more like common courtesy

That is a very cynical and inaccurate point of view

It is. If you live in the Great American Empire or a GAE satrapy like the other Five Eyes your state religion is LGBT.

Clearly, you have drunk the cool aid

But you haven’t, is that right?