Gun Control Thread

In addition: The violence of last year’s civil unrest caused a huge surge in firearm ownership, even in the politically moderate; so it’s a bit unfair to apply new control measures now the other side is in power.

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This whole “other side” thing has to stop. It invokes Predator 2 and Marked for Death, man.

Like I posted before, Jersey’s (mine) seen a 300% increase over the last 10 years. My source was the NJ State Police. That’s led to a backlog of application investigations. People are freaking out, and yes, associating this with Q.

So, if you just tried to buy a gun and are getting delayed…chill out. The US Capitol was just attacked 2 weeks ago.


There were only 200 case files opened to investigate those who illegally entered the building.

Michigan. You mean where the legislature filed suit against the Governor in the state Supreme Court. The court then ruled in favor the legislature, and the Governor said her authority superceded that of the legislature and court and thus the state constitution?

That wasn’t an attempted insurrection that was an attempt to remove a tyrant, and again it was a handful of people.

Protestors being armed, where legal, and peacefully protesting isn’t a problem.

So now you’re not in favor of lockdowns?

Funny, coming from an Israeli.

The missiles are flying, Michael. Hallelujah.

Been in a complete lockdown for four going on five weeks, morbidity rates continue to increase. Clearly with the new UK strain lockdowns no longer work.

I get my second shot tomorrow night and then with my green passport the lockdown no longer applies to me.

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My dear.

Don’t get so caught up in the colors.

Few listen to me, but thee might?

That has no bearing on my post.

Civil unrest scared people into arming themselves. Civil unrest occurred again and now it’s stymied. That isn’t fair.

Also you avoided Michael’s point about Chaz. It was arguably worse than what happened at the Capitol so where’s your man-hunt there?

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The first rule of being an Anti-Trumper liberal is: Thou shalt not talk about the CHAZ

The second rule of being an Anti-Trumper liberal is: Thou shalt not talk about the CHAZ

The third rule is that you conveniently forget when liberals stormed the Capitol to interrupt the Kavanaugh confirmation and threatened senators.

Before WRabbit comes spouting about whataboutism I will gladly volunteer to be on QAnon Shamans firing squad.

Most importantly though he is trying to use an event in which no firearms were used to ban firearms.

Well, ONE well-placed shot…

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If the however many people who were trying to do a coup or insurrection had been well armed, and better organized, they would have succeeded, if at least temporarily. Speaking of January 6th in DC.

Tying that to moar gun control is silly. Shit, if they had been really determined, they didn’t NEED firearms to succeed. Shear numbers would have sufficed.

I didn’t avoid it, I ignored it like I do most whataboutisms. For you though, anything.

In what alternative reality was the CHAZ event worse than the storming of the US Capitol by a network of armed militia?

That’s like comparing Occupy Wall Street with the DNC riots in 1968. The scale and impact are not even close.

LOL “no firearms” were used.

Not only is that a blatant falsehood, it ignores the number of people arrested that day with firearms and incendiary weapons.

Troll on, trolla.

I think Mikey is trolling me to keep me from pointing out how this works in Israel, where gun crimes are almost non-existent, because of their own red flag system and serious limitations on gun ownership.

Did you know that Israel has some of the most draconian gun laws in the world? ONLY 50 bullets??? My dad would go nuts…

Mike Huckabee is part of the problem, with all his hooting and hollering about Dems coming to get your guns, he highlights some of the hypocrisy that the GOP has been feeding its voters for years, directly leading to the Capitol siege.

“Just waking up in Israel to news of heartbreaking school shooting in FL; Reminded that Israel pretty much eliminated it by placing highly trained people strategically to spot the one common thread–not the weapon, but a person with intent. #PrayForParkland

What a maroon. He was for red flag laws before he was against them.

Yawn, Israel is not the USA. What a horrible analogy, either way you look at it.

but nice try

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LOL gun crimes are almost non existent. What the fuck are you smoking? Our firearm crime mortality rate was the same as the great state of New York last year.

If we factored in the questionable/illegal shoots by the security forces against Palestinians we would rival Chicago. I mean sure, I guess having a place where the homicidal can go stack bodies may reduce other firearm crime somewhat.

Honestly though all Israel’s gun control laws indicate for me is that gun control doesn’t work, and in fact it often leaves the most vulnerable sectors of society undefended.

Baruch Goldstein never would have happened if mosque guards were allowed to be armed like synagogue guards.

It’s getting there, don’t you agree. I mean, Iranian zealots and others want to nuke Israel, but here in the US similar crazies want to storm our Capitol with weapons, bombs, insanity, and yeah they used 2A support to get in there, just like they did in MI before they banned long rifles in the State Capitol (they’re still trying to assassinate the Governor there, btw).

I’ve read all their posts, especially the ones from freshman GOP Congresspeople who seem to love guns and QAnon a bit too much.

Would they get their way if you had yours? High on your mountain, nowhere near Washington DC?

Go ahead and laugh on your mountain with your sons, Khan. MY grandmother’s bust is in the Capitol Rotunda.

I was quoting the article you didn’t bother to RTFA so you don’t know the crimes I was referencing.

Do you currently posses more than 50 rounds of ammunition, Michael. This is a safe space, you can be honest.

I’ll start, I have a bag of hollow point 9mm ammo right in front of me. It’s not Jersey “street legal”, but I can definitely shoot you with it if you enter my property unlawfully. Legally.

Yeah I don’t read bloggers pretending to be journalists that can’t even bother to look up crime statistics.

In 2019 3.9 per 100k Israelis were killed in illegal gun violence.
In 2019 3.9 per 100k New Yorkers the same.

Can I have more than 50 bullets? Yes, I’m an EMT for MADA who has filled out all the proper paperwork.

I can also carry my firearm into any court house or governmental building, except for terminal 3 of the Airport.

As far as 50rounds, yes that is standard when you receive your carry permit. Though it is per firearm licensed to you.
Hunting firearm I can get more for(and is easier to cheat on).
I mean seriously if I wanted to have illegal ammo, its not hard to get. My problem would be if someone narked.

50rds though is 4 15rd magazines. If you can’t resolve a fire fight in that you are a) already bleeding out and having a hallucination on your way out. b)you are in a cheesey action film.

Average shot string to put down a threat according to the FBI is 3-5. So yeah if I’m facing off against more than 10 people trying to invade my home and they don’t think better of it after they step over the corpses of 10 of their buddies, I guess I’m fucked.

I know this is hard for you to understand as you can’t shoot for shit but the rest of us are OK.


You need to get into novel drama writing business with @Osiris.

You both got huge imaginations and egos to match.

I’ll believe the guy who lives in Israel and is in the security business over your fantasies any day.

That hurt. I think I shoot ok for someone born legally blind.