Gun Control Thread

I’m starting this here because not sure where to put it.

First salvo of 2021!

That didn’t take long. Licensing for ammunition has been on the wish list for years.

Good thing we have a supposedly loaded SCOTUS. Eyeing you Roberts.

It’s not abortion, so…

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That Bill will never make it out of committee in the first 2 years.

Well, it could but it’s going to cost them their nest egg of political capital all in one go.

National security and the economy are going to need a lot more attention and are present emergencies.

Agreed, this bill is there just to say they tried. The Left flank of the Dem party really likes guns too.

They should leave it alone.

There are so many more important things.

But, they ahve to convince their more radical base they are trying.

And waste time

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The IROny IS THAT its the economy that is the problem, and decades of plantationing that is the issue. Not guns.

I mean, now it’s of course the established crime syndicats related to drug trade.

It’s a fucked up mess.

That and the racism/prejudice.

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If only we’d had a recent armed insurrection in the United States Capitol to remind us how important it is to keep guns out of the hands of crazy fucking lunatics, especially armies of them.

If we can figure out the difference between us and them, that’d be responsible gun control.

Nice try.

Use your intellect to post something meaningful, OK?

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If the Capitol siege had involved firearmed Proud Boys, half of Congress and Michael Pence might be dead.

Your move.

Look, I asked you to stop being stupid.

Please try harder.


What did you expect the first order of the new Congress to be, other than mitigating a potential firearmed insurrection into the US Capitol?


I’ve already posted that one multiple time?

The PBs were not armed to teeth because they didn’t want to be.

They didn’t really have the balls to back up the talk.

Even the OKdiots didn’t.

Just stop, OK?

I’d love it if you actually disengaged stupid trolling mode.

Gun control stopping armed insurrection, LOL. LOLOLOLOLOLOL


Yeah but it’s January 20th, 2021. For at least another 20m in my time zone. Bear with me.

The PB’s are usually armed. Unless they are forcibly disarmed, like Tarrio was on January 4th, 2021.

In better news, the Detroit Lions have a new head coach. So there’s always hope. You know my stance, if you’re not a criminal, you get guns. If you want to violently overthrow the government, I don’t care about your /pol. NO GUNS FOR YOU!@!$!$!

Beaker, what do you know about the so-called “Charleston loophole”?

Based on my statistical analysis, FFL law is currently being violated. Not necessarily by people, but by machines.

No idea man.

Post your analysis, please.

Lulz, a lot of laws are currently being violated.

Dude, come on.

I’m going to bed. You need to do some deep introspection on Mrs. WRabbit.

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He had some mags on him in DC, not firearms.

And some ammo.

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Armed protest? They don’t want a fight with the cops. that will end them (the PBs).

Get labelled as cop killers, LOL. LOL

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3% of NICS background checks get delayed for no other reason than backlog volume. 300%+ increase in applications in NJ alone over the 10 year rolling average, last 12 months.

It violates the law, technically, and triggers a lot of gun lovers, but it’s just reality.

That’s a real law. The one in your post isn’t even a law yet.

According to my non-existent statistical analysis, which I will reference, but refuse to publish, 99% of PBs are cowardly cucks.

Armed or not…

Who wear plate carriers with no plate in them. 77.9857% of the time.