Gun Control Thread

Backlog volume violates the law.

Isn’t the law that after, what, 2 days or whatever, the sale has to go through?

In any case, yeah, a lot of people are buying firearms.

I’m glad.

Too bad no ammo.

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Fat and stupid people.

They’re not the same as you and me, responsible gun owners.

There are mountains of threads on Bullshido, just replace guns with ninja weapons, and plate carriers with black gis.

Post your data, and analysis. With links.

Othewise, you are just posturing.

If the PBs gonna throw down for real, that will happen,and it will get dealt with.

It’s too late to legislate our way out of that.

For a long time, now.

so, oathkeepers, 3%rs, etc etc, at the capitol. Nobody pulled a gun on anybody.

It was an unarmed by firearms at least, insurrection.

Ponder that.

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Are you so sure no guns were drawn, that day?

Goodnight, Moon.

Anyway, that’s OT, but I realized this is Sociocide, so, I should lower my expectations.



Has anyone seen my Hawaiian shirt?

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Go ask your Mom if she washed it for you?

Thank you,Dr. Obvious.

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True story, they tried to get me posting on Sociocide and failed so bad, they unofficially banned me from the place and I was never able to log in. I guess I’m just trouble.

Back OT, what do you think about a national red flag law barring anyone posting online about insurrection from owning?

Remember when it was just crazy kids shooting up schools?

Disarm the Proud Boys? They’re clearly not what the 2nd Amendment would describe as a “well regulated” militia.

Is it illegal to post about insurrection?

You’d have to get someone convicted of some sort of crime, or, maybe charged, at least.

Seriously, how can you even pose that question?

Like, that will keep anyone serious about an ARMED REAL Insurrection from getting armed, at this point in history?

I got an idea: Let’s ban firearm owner ship in Chicago. I’m sure the murder rate will go WAY down right away.

And you are faux serious posting again.

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Sort of. Proud Boys == Al Qaeda at this point, so why not bar them from arming themselves further?

“but Chicago”…notice how you didn’t say “but Detroit”, etc. Are you trying to trigger my hatred of the Bears?

Try to be more ridiculous.

I know you can.

Why are you so afraid of a national gun registry?

I think history has shown that the risk of armed people storming the Capitol outweighs a lot of other rights.

How many times have you been in the US Capitol?

Lulz, OK, that’s trying harder!

Like, you put in multiple layers of bullshit.

You’re just mad you can’t keep yours with you.

How many people were shot yesterday?
During the “insurgency”?

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No he is mad that if he applies for a carry permit and gets denied he will also be auto denied from any other future gun purchases.


I don’t need no stinking carry permit.

Did you just put “insurgency” in quotes, Joe?

Careful with your rhetoric. I was starting to believe you were on the right side of this issue.

Do you even know how many bombs didn’t go off? It’s >1.

Nope. The actions of a couple hundred rioters does not negate the rights of 328million Americans, no matter how much the 24hr news cycle blows it out of proportion.

CHAZ is a better(still failed) argument for stricter gun control. Armed insurrectionists actually drove out the police, stripped citizens held captive of their constitutional rights and murdered more people than the Capitol rioters did.

Driving a motor vehicle is, in my opinion the best comparison, you cannot be stripped of that right without due process of law.


Your math is wrong. Where did you get “couple hundred”, Mike. There were thousands, and some had guns, and they got drawn. IN the motherfucking Capitol. Bombs, too, but our boys went to work and came out alive, 100%

What about Detroit?

It’s like you’re arguing with emotion instead of facts.

Like the emotions that attach you to your firearms.