Gun Control Thread

You make stuff up about guns.

Cool. Now we are back on topic

And super dishonest by the way. You brought up all the stuff about me. You could have kept the discussion on track but you didn’t.

It is how you defend a lie.

You reported that your instructor was a talented purple belt, with a school, who had no one to promote him, or his students, and I made him aware of BJJ Globetrotters and the Black Belts in his part of the world that would likely give him the time of day (and likely not charge him an association fee to be part of their network, I might add).

I didn’t make that call to “slap you around on the Internet”.

Part of the gig of being a senior black belt is making sure people like your instructor have options, and I didn’t offer to take him or his school on myself, but I did make him aware of the black belts in his part of the world, who might.

I would add, you misreported his being stranded, he reported that he did have a black belt he was working with, who did unfortunately live on the other part of Australia.

Regarding you “getting slapped around on the Internet”, you make several rude posts, and then get surprised, that the person you were posting about, is actually much better, and much better equipped at being rude back, if he so chooses.

Quit making derailing posts, and false accusations to try and slander my credibility because you are pissed that you are an uneducated dumbass, and you will find, that you don’t get pissed on occasionally at my whim in return.

Cry me a river.

I gave you a couple free shots (personal rude comments from you) because you are a dumb shit, and then I lightly slapped back, because as it turns out, I can make them just as well or better than you can.

Here’s the good news, and I say this sincerely, if being an uneducated block head really bothers you, get your high school diploma equivalency if you don’t have it, and start taking college classes.

I am a couple years older than you, and I still took some more graduate university classes this year.

You are not too old, and nothing is stopping you.

No you are full of shit.

The only outcome of you ringing my coach without being prompted to is that you now use it to try to stand over me in these discussions.

The only person who benefited from your actions was you.

You benefited you.

Now if your actions were altruistic then why are you using those actions for your personal benifit. At the detriment of everyone else?

And the only person who is destroying your credibility is you.

Look. Lie all you want. That is what you do. But your actions speak volumes here.

I am not upset.

I am calling out your dishonesty. You started the derail because you can’t argue the topic. now you are trying to pretend that you are not responsible for it.

You do this constantly. Miss the point and just make stuff up.

Mabye there is a course you can do on that.

You came on Bullshido and claimed that your gym was promoting people to BJJ ranks without a BJJ black belt being involved, and without a BJJ black belt giving your instructor permission to do so.

Those are exactly the kind of claims that Bullshido historically investigates.

In the case of your claim, it was incorrect. Your instructor did have a supervising BJJ black belt, although that BJJ black belt lived on the other side of Australia.

That is just another example of you running your mouth, ignorantly.

So it wasn’t altruism and you were lying.

You were just trying to out my coach.

No, o slow one.

I contacted your coach to make sure he was not stranded, without an instructor, as you claimed.

I frankly suspected that your claim was BS, which it was.

But, sometimes, people do get stranded, especially in remote areas, and sometimes people do give out rank belts without having the background, or credentials to do so.

One can be altruistic, and also fact check outrageous claims made by a blockhead, like yourself, that a gym or instructor is giving out belt ranks without credential to do so.

Which for most of this site’s existence, was its primary mission, investigating claims about fraudulent martial arts belt ranks, and/or other martial arts B.S.

Lol. Bullshit.

And no you can’t be altruistic and be working for your own benefit. Like fact checking a club to win an internet argument.

That is blatantly selfish.

Hey you sound like you are in trouble I should ring the cops to check on you. You know because i am so bloody altruistic.

You muppet.

I did not fact check your claim to win an argument, but to find out if your instructor was really stranded without a black belt to help him, and if your instructor was really handing out BJJ belt ranks, as a purple belt, with no black belt’s permission, as you claimed.

Again, your claim was incorrect, and you were misrepresenting what your instructor was doing.

And, ironically, you did so to attempt win an argument with Rayce, a BJJ black belt who was trying to tell you, that people with ranks below black belt are not able to promote people unless they have a supervising black belt’s permission.

And that is how it works in BJJ, and in most other martial arts that have rank belts, as well, for that matter.

Meaning you were wrong, Rayce was right, which is not surprising, given that he was the BJJ Black Belt, explaining to you, the BJJ blue belt, how BJJ rank promotions work.

You left out “lazy”.

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See, I was correct, he left out “lazy”.


No, many major population centers where gun violence was already a problem have defunded police, and/or, police have left in droves due to the overtly anti-police policies put into place or on the horizon.

Combined with progressive prosecutors and “no cash bail” policies, things have gotten worse.

The pandemic didn’t help things, either.

And long term, shitty economic polices that go back decades play a large role as well.

It’s not a simple matter of applying more “gun control” laws.

The US could repeal the second amendment tomorrow, and that would not reduce the number of firearms available in the US one iota, even in the long run. Even more draconian, anti-constitutional measures would have to take place to get those numbers down to any significant degree.


Well, Browning BLR in any of several modern, bottleneck cartridges, with a nice scope mounted, would like to speak with you.

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Ruger No. 1A in 7x57 mm Mauser.

And a Ruger Mini 30.

I have been eyeballing those for years.

Haven’t gotten one, nor shot one yet.

But they are pretty rifles.

I got to shoot one of a fellow Bullshido member. I’ve always like the BLR, never bought one myself, as I could not justify it financially, as I had plenty of functional firearms already.

I think my younger son still wants one, though, LOL.

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You’ve got me eugoogling them, again.

You Bastard!

No matter how many times you repeat that lie, it won’t make it true. Not here at least.

Your use of a common disinformation tactic is duly noted.

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This is, literally, what Bullshido was all about for many years, you realize that, don’t you?

The whole point was consumer protection… which is… “gasp”, perhaps a bit altruistic?

You have backed yourself into a corner. Just stop, man.

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The BLR takedown in 300 win mag would be an interesting rifle for areas with bear, etc.