Gordon Ryan made horrific sexual comments about his rival's 5 year old daughter

I think you might be crediting Phrost with more power than he really has

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“Hey, this isn’t right.” would’ve gone a LONG way in 2013. And taking a critical look at Vinny Souza or Carlos Gracie Jr. would’ve shut that shit down ASAP. Neither one can grapple. There were multiple opportunities to stop the parasites and it was a CHOICE to allow them to win. The lynching I received was a test run on absolute power and no accountability in the BJJ community and here we are. They didn’t want just absolute power over me. They wanted it over EVERYONE. And look what they’ve done with it. Disgusting.

Oh, and if it seems that I’m upset that my home and lifestyle was destroyed to make way for a pedo cult, it’s because I am. Absolutely disgusting sequence of events.

I’m horrified that there are people in that reddit thread who are saying “he served his time he should be allowed to practice and compete.”

BJJ is a safe place for abuse.

I have sincere sympathy for your plight

I was asking a more general question about when and why this kind of toxic male behaviour becomes normal in the sport of BJJ

Boxers often say bad things to each other to syke each other out, but it is not tolerated at in the youth divisions with which I am familiar

Inappropriate sexual behavior in BJJ, or for that matter other sports, schools, religious organizations, and universities is by no means restricted to males.
Nor restricted to BJJ, for that matter.


The case you posted is two men

Discussing toxic masculinity in women seems unrelated

Right. It literally started with me.

This is the call I got from Ryan’s coach after he beat me. Its HOW he became famous.

You mean there was no toxic masculinity in BJJ till 2013?

This is not an issue of toxic masculinity.
This is an issue of an adult making inappropriate sexual comments towards a child.
That is a no-no, whether from a man or a woman, and adult males and adult females both frequently engage in sexually predatory behavior towards children.
Although, until recently, the predatory acts by female adults were handled in much the same manner as pedophile acts by Catholic priests.
And to clarify, this is not an act of sexual predation per se, but a very inappropriate sexual comment towards a child, which should be criticized whenever an adult makes it, whether that adult is male or female, and regardless if the child is male or female.

It was a different culture before then. There were no open predators. Irvin wasn’t exposed until 2013 and we weren’t lynching each other. I’d have NEVER expected the community to turn out so horrifically.

Do not conflate Pedophile acts, or Pedophilia comments towards children, with popular culture social narratives such as “toxic masculinity”.
Pedophilia and pedophilia comments toward children should be discussed for what they are, which is when an adult, male or female, behaves inappropriately in a sexual manner towards a child.

This is not true.
Sexual predators, including well known sexual predators, have always been present in BJJ, much like every other sport.
This problem did not start with Lloyd Irvin, nor was he the first, nor the first one the public was aware of.

I disagree. I think Ryan’s legacy of abuse is what makes him so abusive today. Had he had a nice clean match and moved on he’d be a different person.

Who was well known before Lloyd?

There has been a continuous stream of them from the very beginning.
Notably, several were brought to court for their conduct.

Who would these people be?

The Choque series is a meticulous collection of newspaper and court docs from Brazil, and other areas, from the beginning of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu to the Present.
It includes court docs involving such matters from the very beginning of Jiu-Jitsu in Brazil.