Gordon Ryan made horrific sexual comments about his rival's 5 year old daughter

So the guys fucking with you are just errant individuals and don’t reflect on BJJ as a whole.

But a rando pulls guard in a street fight and that is proof my system works.


Bullshido is not.
But Bullshido is one of many channels.
I posted it here as a courtesy.
But, not as a priority.
Still, grow up working on farms, and one tends to be greedy in one’s frugality, and thorough in one’s industry.

If he continues along these lines I could easily see him becoming a pariah.

Well as long as their is people in authority positions who will draw a line like @C.Gordon and others.

If the place I trained was accepting of this behaviour I would go somewhere else.

We kind of had that happen here and people had to make that choice. It is interesting to see which way people went.

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Once money enters the dynamic, corruption begins

The more money, the greater and deeper the corruption

I don’t think MAs are peculiar in that regard

I don’t think this is about money. Most of these people aren’t being paid and surely aren’t being paid for this behavior. This is about true losers, expressing their rage and entitlement via proxy. They hate their jobs, they hate their lives, so they take what they want from BJJ, a couple classes a week so they can pretend to be someone else, and then push a culture of violent abuse through the community, because they actually hate it.

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Also, way to go Bullshido. Congrats on creating the most violently abusive martial arts culture EVER. Well done. All so you could get revenge on your own guy for being more successful. Wow…

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Ok so my mind misread this first time through as Gordon Ramsay made horrific sexual comments and I just dont know who I did that.

Timor has ( silat I think) and they run around shooting acid darts at each other.

But yeah. BJJ has some bad rap at the moment.

I mean in the US

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What kind of acid? Asking for a friend

Battery. Apparently.

Is it possible some sort of PEDs are involved in this sort of behavior?

That is absurdly bad.

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It’s possible.

I would have suggested the cultural inability to banter.

Not really. This was here from Gordon’s much smaller debut. Its a culture thing.

Also possible.

At what level does this culture begin?

Is it the higher echelons or grass roots?

It begins right here, with Phrost’s bizarre desire for revenge. The successful lynching taught the community that we have no rights and no recourse, so they act like absolute animals now.