Gordon Ryan made horrific sexual comments about his rival's 5 year old daughter

Gordon Ryan made some horrific sexual comments about his rival’s 5 year old daughter.
Ryan alleges the father of the daughter, Erbeth, made comments about raping Ryan’s girlfriend over his Ryan’s recently dead father’s body.
As far as I know, neither party denies making those comments, and neither has retracted nor apologized for them.
These two guys reflect extremely poorly on the BJJ community.
They reflect very poorly on the tournament venues that allow them to compete, and commentate, unless the statements are retracted and public apologies are made.
They reflect very poorly on sites like BJJ Fanatics that continue to sell their content, unless the statements are retracted and public apologies are made.


I’m not familiar with this particular situation. However my opinion of the BJJ “community” as a whole has always been poor at best despite being a long-time practitioner (albeit not as long as yourself by any means).

Perhaps it’s my age showing, but I’d rather just see professionals compete. I don’t need the feuding and animosity hype up.

I recall someone messaging me the video where Gordon slapped Galvao. My response was that it was ridiculous and if two grown men behaved in such a way in any other context, it would end up involving security, police, and/or HR.

However, it seems that many gyms are refuges for the emotionally immature.

I can tolerate, and understand the reasons, and benefits, of heel acts to raise gate revenues.
However, making sexual comments about kids or threatening comments to kids is a line that cannot be tolerated to be crossed.


Maybe it was just hyperbolic performance art

Like Info Wars guy

The vast majority of “martial artists” are shitty people, the internet just makes them dumb, too.

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Water being wet is not what is under discussion.
The issue being discussed is that Gordon Ryan made inappropriate sexual comments about someone’s young daughter, and then tried to justify that by pointing out that the parent was a piece of shit.
Inappropriate sexual comments about children are a no-no.

Two wrongs make it right and all that… Maybe they will grow up when they can finally smell their own shit.

It became kind of apparent what a shit heel Gordon was when I saw that video of him slapping Galvoa around.

I’ve heard his own brother doesn’t even want to train with him anymore. That’s just gossip though.

On a side note about BJJ people.
Have you ever met Stephen Kesting before? He seems like a pretty cool guy.

He is a good guy.
An excellent technician, a perpetual student, he has some formal education in biology, he is a fireman / emergency response person, and he has a great sense of humor about himself.
They did a movie about his life story, called Powder, where he played himself.

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I don’t mind that kind of thing, that is an expected part of the circus.
However, kids are different.
And, bringing in people’s families that are not kids, is not the lowest circle of Dante’s Inferno that bringing kids into it are, but is just a Circle of Hell or two up from there.

I’ve heard people say worse things to get under someone’s skin. All of them came from the lips of complete assholes in my experience.

@C.Gordon, serious question, what do you think the appropriate response from the line level BJJ person should be? Boycott Gordon’s seminars and instructionals? Boycott BJJ Fanatics unless they drop him? What else?

First step is to make the community aware of the issue, and condemn / criticize it.
Second step is to encourage Ryan to delete the comment, and encourage Ryan to issue an apology to the child, the parents, and the community.
Step Three is to give Ryan the opportunity to man up and realize he went too far, allowing for some brief time, for his older mentors and coaches, to give him some advice on the matter.
Step Four determined by Ryan’s response to Step Three.

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The more swollen his head gets the harder it might be to remove from his ass.

Exept if those venues clubs and websites have skin in the game. They will find a way to justify those actions. Regardless of the moral cowardice.

And they will get away with it because they are the authority it is their opinion that matters.

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We’ll see.
The community managed to get the New York Times to cover the Fight Sports sex predator(s) scandal, facilitated a civil lawsuit regarding same, and has been calling out sex predators, and potential sex predators, pretty aggressively, recently.
Gordon Ryan’s crude comments are not the same as committing physical sex acts of assault, but they are a harm, because they involve a child.
I suspect the community to express some strong opinions that those types of comments, targeting a child, for whatever reason, are not appropriate, and will not be tolerated like other shit talk might be.

By the way Gordon Ryan’s response sounds very familiar.

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Nobody who matters will make a stand.

Greg, you are adding noise again, that contradicts recent past reactions that contradict your statement above.

Our Gordon seems to have a fair bit of sway in the BJJ community.

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So did Cyborg, So did De La Riva, etc.
Several purse tournament promoters still put Fight Sports on a ban, after Cyborg and Vagnar made initial statements, and seemed to take initial actions that they were harboring Marcel Goncalves, and still allowing him to come to their gyms.
And then got the NYT times involved, and got other people to come forward.

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