Gordon Ryan made horrific sexual comments about his rival's 5 year old daughter

What platform were these comments made on? Anyone have links/screenshots?

Wow. That’s messed up.


Not at all. My reaction doesn’t matter.

Hey Gordan Ryan. You are a screaming duchebag for targeting kids and I hope you get staph.

But I can say that because Gordon’s reaction doesn’t matter to me either.

No skin in the game.

It matters, it helps set the tone even if it’s just in your own small community.

Gordon might think he is king of world but what is a king without a following.

Well, I am the guy that personally put up the cash prizes, including some $10,000 cash prizes for some of the tournaments that Gordon competed in.
I will not be putting up prizes for tournaments that Gordon or his students competes in, unless he retracts and apologizes for that statement.
Further, I immediately posted a comment on BJJ Fanatics, which admittedly they have not posted publicly yet, and I doubt they plan to, because it was pretty blunt.
But, I am not going to just drop the matter with them, unless Gordon retracts and apologizes, or they take action on it.
And the people in my network have to represent at least six figures and probably closer to double six figures or more in sales to BJJ Fanatics every year.


I was talking about you.

I should have said bullshido Gordon. I guess…

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LOL, yes, I was not even thinking about my screen name, at that moment, because it was not @ed etc. My bad.

He gets the following because he is the king. (Mostly)

We have set up and supported this system. This hasn’t happened out of thin air. I am not sure why people are surprised.

Good work. Make a stand where you can.

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The problem is that “we” decided that BJJ is an acceptable place for crime and degeneracy. It’s like it doesn’t count because its “just a martial arts class.”


I do not idolize Gordon.

And could really care less about who wins adcc in general.

I play jits because its fun. Like wrestling chess. This bullshit is just part of the gossip in the background.

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I think it would be more beneficial to go from general to specific. There are lots of different gyms and people.

Thus far I’ve seen that BJJers can be convinced by the hundreds to actively engage in the shittiest behavior possible, and can be convinced by the thousands to remain complacent. The next closest thing I’ve seen is Antifa.


People can be convinced to do or be apathetic to complete shit behaviours if they think it’s in line with the group.

Cults are stupid. All of them.


Right. And BJJ is amongst the worst. Been all over since they attacked my home. They don’t behave like this in jail. They don’t behave like this is street gangs. They don’t behave like this in psych wards. They don’t behave like this in the security field. They don’t behave like this in labor. Politics can get sus, we know that. This is out of control behavior by a class of people that fears no consequences due to their words and actions.

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Yeah. Ditto. But then we are also not in a great position to effect G.R’s behaviour.

I mean I doubt we will see many of his students jumping ship.

In other circles they don’t ask politely for you to stop being a menace.

Yeah but we are BJJ when it is beneficial. They are BJJ when it isn’t.

Which is the biker. It’s just a social club defence.

Could you rephrase this? No clue what you’re saying.