Data driven approach to COVID19 vaccination for kids, and adults

Anti-vaxxers claim Tony Lister died from getting the vaccine, but he really died at 62 from catching COVID and not being super healthy at the time so he died young because of COVID induced cardiopulmonary damage on top of other shit typical for his age.

The plural of anecdote is evidence. Let’s stay 10% of the 700M “Recovered” cases have the same outcome. That’s 70M dead this year because of catching COVID last year, the year before, etc.

The flu hasn’t worked that hard in a century.

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How’s this for a risk profile. This is half the civilized (Fat) world, and more than half of the US.

Cytokine storm lung. How’s that for data-driven.

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Published online: 02 Aug 2020

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Did you catch the HCQ reference?

BMI 62, that was the risk profile easter egg.


Information warfare cyber, what, what, what, pro 1337, all the data are belong to me. Learn google man …

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“So fuck all the fat grandmas, is what you are saying.”

Now thats what a straw man looks like. But your comment stinks of euthanasia.

Seriously COVID has killed tens of thousands of healthy people under 20.

But like I said, the death count is not the big picture anymore. People including young people developed all sorts of long term and permanent effects from COVID.

This thread is about “data driven” vaccination. The data supports getting everyone vaccinated. That’s the guidance.Because we all know what happens when people stop getting vaccination. Diseases return, often worse.

You think you’re being funny, but this statement is truly stupid.

Do you really want to go deep into how many US citizens Russian active measures directly killed via COVID because of how easy it is to manipulate people (including you) online?

How about indirectly via the dozens and dozens of seed sites designed to take things like “American medicine is evil” and find every information sucking goober out there willing to change their lifestyle over it?

We don’t have to limit that to COVID, there’s the whole Autism-vaccination scare BS that they have flared on for decades. Measles isn’t just back because some rubes decided vaccines r bad. Measles is back because Putin is effective.

The anti-vaxxer crowd is skewed heavily to the Boomer demographic. Because that group eats up bullshit like it’s candy.

Proof: Fox News ratings. People got their COVID medical info there for years, which consisted mostly of Rand Paul bitching at an actual epidemiologist in Congress.

And now people who believe Plandemic and Satan in the mRNA are not only running for government positions, they are winning them.

You nerds are focused on the data; you should be more worried about why 8-30M people had to die, and it wasn’t just a virus. The US response above all was completely torpedoed by Moscow.

People still believe Michelle Obama is a man, Barack is a Muslim, and that’s he’s secretly running the White House.

Good luck getting them to trust doctors, with that kind of attitude. Or physics. Or factual books vs shit like this. Millions of copies sold, full of conspiracy garbage, and this guy is running to be President.

Remember when people only hated Bill Gates because of DOS? Now they think he’s basically Xenu. Scientology 101.

Yeah it is funny, i actually spat out what i was drinking when i saw disproving your statement was on the first page of a google search.

Most of your response seems to be rambling about various conspiracies, so not going to touch those parts.

Yeah, using data to make large scale decisions is a scientific approach.

You talk about misinformation but you post data that came out months after the pandemic started when we were still trying to figure out what was going on (outdated). Then you post pictures to scare without any context, while simultaneously trying to silence any intelligent debate by making noise and insulting people. You are what you claim to fight against.

You certainly discredited yourself with those last few posts anyone with a functioning brain can see you know absolutely nothing about this topic, but still approach it with aggression and confidence.

You seem to be attempting to silence any intelligent conversation where you can find it, almost as if you are trying to intentionally kill off the forum. You don’t fight trolls, you are the troll. You don’t fight misinformation, you spread it.

No it doesn’t, Polio, yes, measles, yes … for many the answer is yes.

For now that is not the correct answer with MRNA, emergency is over, long term study should be completed and a focused approach to high risk individuals used when deploying.

We aren’t even getting to the real stuff … this is the obvious stuff, the real stuff is how bad was the approach, how large the impact, why did it happen, how do we avoid it in future.

One upon a time in a past life, I was an admin on an unmoderated forum, where you could say whatever you want about whatever you wanted to. Things like you crawled around there all the time …

… for the record my post is not meant to be mean, just really blunt. I don’t like being mean.

“Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth”.

Is this who you want to be?

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I’m sure.

They’re not conspiracies in that sense, unless you mean criminal conspiracy against the United States.

It’s actually the bigger picture here. I’m sure we can at least agree, many Americans, nay, many HUMANS are dead now because of foreign influence in the health care systems of Western democracies and democratic republics. This is Putin’s long term goal. Never forget, the invasion of Ukraine and COVID19 overlapped in time (this is called temporal locality).

Imagine that, the largest land grab since World War II, coincides with a global pandemic that kills about 140 times the number of US citizens as US soldiers lost in Vietnam, 20 times the US soldiers lost in WWII, and 10 times the number of US soldiers lost in both Iraq and Afghanistan over the last 20 years. When we go back and look at mass casualties over the last 100 years, nothing even comes close to COVID. 9/11 is like a speck compared to it.

And again that’s just counting DEATH, vs long term injury. Every single person who got a significant infection faces long-term, life changing bodily harm. Whether they know it now or not. Again, straight from the medical files.

I posted the old data on purpose. And the scaremongering going on has overwhelmingly been on the side of the anti-vaxxination and anti-science conservative crowd.

Who’s silencing debate? Like I said, CDC/WHO guidelines are clear, and based on the overwhelming amount of data collected from 2020-now.

Let’s be honest, you can’t debate with the anti-vaxxer crowd. And I’m still not sure where you fall.

I’m starting to believe you don’t subscribe to any of that crap but let’s face it…you posted PATRIOT CLIPS.

You’re welcome. I know quite a bit about the topic, I’ve been combating foreign disinformation campaigns for 20 years. I can bore you for days with operational details. In fact, there are many older archived threads where we already discussed this.

What’s worse in your opinion: a public health care system pushed to the brink by a novel virus, or Vladimir Putin using the entire event to gin up organic and astroturf movements to impede what the US and free world medical communities all agree on? All while he expands the Russian Empire 2.0.

Seriously, there is practically universal consensus on the efficacy of the COVID vaccines, and how many lives were saved and long term medical injuries avoided, especially in young people. Because make no mistake, young people benefited from the vaccine when they caught a large COVID viral load.

This forum can’t be killed with convential weapons, dude.

I’ve terminated hundreds of trolls here, too. Often through attrition. I’m sorry if you find it annoying but the truth does get teased out over time…

Again, why are you claiming authority over the CDC/WHO? And it’s mRNA, little m. Their guidance is crystal clear. You can feel free to debate and disagree but you have a very long road ahead of you, claiming the the agencies responsible for containing and mitigating disease are wrong, or somehow not using an empirical, data-driven strategy.

If you really want to narrow down, the whole purpose of this thread was determining whether or not the data supports vaccinating kids regularly against COVID, to prevent a new pandemic or clean up from the last one. So ultimately I am just playing Devil’s Advocate for actual medical authorities, who have been under assault by idiots like this:

So just remember as you sit there and write about epidemiology crisis management. You seem to disagree more with how things were handled, vs, vaccine efficacy. I don’t disagree with more study needed either, but let’s be careful with that: there are already millions of believe the vaccines contained Bill Gates microchips and Satanic lizard DNA.

It’s ok to be mean with me. I can take it.

I’m harmless.