Can black teenagers take guns to protests now to protect themselves from Proud Boys?

Yeah, pretty much how I see it.

You need to inform yourself, for sure.

It’s American English, and Canadian English is your second language, be patient with yourself.

Yet another reason to stay away from riots!

I don’t even particularly like being at the gun range with other people.

Reaction videos.

I was thinking about how cringy the concept is especially from your average youtube influencer.

But almost every response I have read on Facebook has been exactly that. It is not about kyle. It is about how this outcome proves I am right.

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Then you are feeding the racists and race baiters by doing so.
This case was not about race.
This case was about 3 men attacking a minor that was carrying a rifle, during a riot.

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Yeah, exactly…

It’s a sort of religion for them.

So looking at the video you posted, with the dyed ginger bitch, “we are here to make sure it’s safe”.


Oh, she’s a keeper. Got the southern drawl down pat.

Sure, if you want to narrow the context to just the case.

I’m interested in the larger context though & predictions on how people think this will play out.

Just watch, it’s already happening.

Pretty predictable, really.

Even our illustrious President is pandering to “his” base.

Right, we have professional, paid police force to do what she and her dumbass friends thought they were doing.

They should have joined in with the peaceful protest as brothers in arms if they were serious.

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I use the term theist. To separate people who can be religious and not necessarily be fucking idiots.

You speak like the different parts of the U.S. are not incredibly different from each other.
Have you ever been to the U.S.?

Their Gawd is some sort of…political/woke/SJW mumbojumbo?

No their argument is they are right because the other guy are stinky poopie heads.

So a theist would be we are right because God. They are wrong because different God.

Where a religious person might understand the nuance.

Yes, I’ve spent a lot of time in the US. I worked in a place between Kenosha & Janesville for a while, so know the area where this played out a little.

Is that the only place that you have been in the U.S.?

No, spent alot of time up & down the West coast (SF - Seattle, never been to LA), bit of time in inland Oregon, Nevada (Reno, LV mainly). Many visits to NY, NJ, DC on the East coast. San Antonio & Austin for a while… so yeah a few places off the top of my head…

And you probably spent time both in urban, and rural areas, correct?

Yeah, quite a difference between the two!