Can black teenagers take guns to protests now to protect themselves from Proud Boys?

Given that Kyle acted in self-defense & had any charges that would have dealt with his intent dropped. Is it now going to be a free for all at the next demo/riots?

Is this going to cause a major escalation in the polarity of modern US culture?

FTR, as someone elsewhere put it, its like someone climbing into the lions’ enclosure at the zoo & shooting the lions in self-defense. I happen to agree with the self-defense angle in this case but not his bad judgement in going there in the first place.

The Black Panthers are way ahead of you

Well yes & there are some armed black millitias that will see this as a justifiable reason to increase their presence at demos.

More like going into lion or bear country and then shooting charging lions or bears, in self-defense.
Not at all like going into a zoo enclosure.

First, if black teen agers are of the legal age to own a rifle, then I find it strange on a number of levels, that this would be discussed any differently than if they owned a car, or a hammer, or any piece of property that has both useful and potentially dangerous uses.

Second, I find it strange that black teen agers would be discussed any differently than white teen agers, or any other teen agers, regarding what property they own, or what property they carry, or have with them, so long as they use it in legal manners.

Third, I am for teen agers being involed in the shooting sports, hunting activities, getting firearm training, and owning rifles. Of course, this includes but is not limited to black teen agers.

Rifles are not a problem.

Humans, of any color, or any age, who may be violent, are a problem, and any number of property, and/or technologies, ranging from cars, to chemicals, to inflammatory devices, or simple tools, may be used as force multipliers, with very effective lethal or violent use cases.


It would be pretty depressing if this was the beginning of the end of USA

Those guys were great

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Thank you. We shall do our best to continue to be.

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I dont disagree CG, I’m asking whether you think this is going to esculate tensions?

Is it time for me to remind everyone of NFAC, and the subsequent stupidity?

Absolutely, you have the right to defend yourself, regardless of skin color. But, if you’re going to wield the deadlies, you should have at least a modicum of training - not just in the mechanics, but in the philosophy and humanities related to being “successful,” in your use of the deadlies.

Rittenhouse is an example of somebody that did everything “correctly,” except for being there in the first place, perhaps.

We’ll see some righteous indignation, as we did last night, but a white guy shooting 3 white guys is just not charged enough to burn down entire cities, in my opinion. There are extant problems (eherm, Chicago, Oakland) that also have nothing to do with race.


If there was clear footage of the black teenager acting in self-defence like in the Rittenhouse case, then sure.

Biden has already stated his displeasure at the outcome of the Rittenhouse trial so any black kid finding himself in the same position will probably get a pass from the top-corridor anyway.

Seriously though, I’m amazed that people can look at a white bloke shooting other white blokes and still come out with but… but racism!

People need to get a fucking grip.


It is. The deppressing end of US.

I wouldn’t hold your breath.
The U.S. is still here.
And we have endured, and survived, much greater times of civil strife, than this.

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What’s depressing is OP assuming this has anything to do with race.

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I deliberately framed it that way. Whether you personally think its about race or not, this whole event will be cast into that space. The riot Kyle went to was instigated by people who believe that race is an issue.

To ignore it as a factor in the aftermath of the verdict is, to my mind, naive.

Are you sure you weren’t just trying to be racist, implying that people should be concerned about black people owning guns?

A dude that violated a protection order and then tried to stab a cop or 3, while attempting to kidnap his offspring, was shot dead.

Then, a dude, in the aftermath, prevented himself from being killed multiple times.

There’s only a racial component if you allow it in.

I know that’s not aimed at me but this whole case was going to escalate tensions regardless of the outcome.

If Rittenhouse went down for life, the Right would see it as a miscarriage of justice and those with vigilante/soldier fantasies would try and up their game.

As it turns out the Left are the ones with sandy vagina’s and the wannabe freedom-fighters/activists will no doubt believe it’s their time to shine.

Objective thinking has been largely abandoned and people from either side are simply looking for an excuse to confirm their biases and ultimately fight.


So, just to recap:

A criminal who was actively trying to kidnap children, and then kill cops, got permanently incapictated.
A that-day-released child rapist was shot multiple times, and got dead.
A repeat offender was shot at, after trying to skull-fuck a kid with his boots.
A criminal that was actively trying to kill a kid via blunt force trauma got dead.
A criminal that was pointing a loaded weapon at a child, presumably with intent to shoot, got bicep-ed.

And, people are upset that the kid isn’t railroaded for life in prison, because GREAT JUSTICE IS DEAD!


What is the nfac?

And is that video satire?