Wolf Brigade, Paul Waggener, Nazi gyms?

Oh, thats just because they wont play ball, but want to continue to operate in my territory. I still feel that a man should always be looking to repel foreign influence and be prepared for race war at any time. If Id had a proper 1488 mentality at the time, I’d have never lost my family to the brazilian parasites. Id be at home married with kids, not running operations and street fighting and shit. In the future any parasite that approaches will be put down swiftly.

I have the mentality of Hitler if he’d been great at art, then had his work and his home destroyed by jews looking to scam him. A mans gotta be somebody.

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Punk rock-looking guy in my town that I see in the bars sometimes has a big black square on his neck. I’m told it was to cover up a swastika that he got when he was a teen in the 80s and he fell in with some racist skinheads.

Not sure how people expect me to feel. Hundreds of people tried to sign me up for literal slavery.

Not like Hitler

Why not? I now see the virtue in the persecution of entire communities.

There is an American cultural sensitivity to Hitler that presses buttons in people.

You could choose a less controversial genocidal villan.

Mabye Ronald McDonald.

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Until you post a selfy sporting a Hitler ronnie I refuse to see you as Hitler

Some pics of you pulling dramatic oratory poses would also strengthen your application

I was looking up Gengis Kahn who is suitably murderous and nobody gives a shit who he killed. Chinese or something?

And it looks like he originated the Conan quote. So you will have the nerds on board.

The greatest joy for a man is to defeat his enemies, to drive them before him, to take from them all they possess, to see those they love in tears, to ride their horses, and to hold their wives and daughters in his arms.
~ Genghis Khan

All we need now is a good Villain name

“Event Horizon!”

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The reason I make that comparison is because from Hitlers POV, he was dealing with a treacherous threat carried out by a large community.

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But he was a genocidal maniac

Right, and the IBJJF has taught me what it’s like to feel hate towards an entire community and why someone might feel that way. That’s part of what I like about the nationalist community. A lot of people have also been persecuted and witnessed the persecution of others and they actively fight against it at a national level.

The flaw of nationalism/racism is that It divides the workers against each other

It is a tool of the ruling class to keep us down

I’m not a worker. I’m not allowed to. That is the entire conflict.

Formation and exploitation of an underclass is also part of the strategy

My life may be shit, but I don’t have it as bad as Osiris

And ultranationalism is the response. “Fuck you foreign parasite, this is my land. Die.” Those are my vibes because they are necessary to my survival. I can’t recruit others in my community to even say “This is wrong. Leave him alone.” I can recruit nationalists to take the country back with broad strokes.

IMHO you are allowing self pity to cloud your judgement

It’s not pity. The person I was has been practically killed. It’s vengeance. I do have backup personalities, and this one wants revenge.

Vengeance is a cul de sac

Move to Ireland and train the next UFC champion