Wolf Brigade, Paul Waggener, Nazi gyms?


What up y’all! I stumbled across this before the weekend, and wanted to know if anyone could clarify. If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, yada yada, but can anyone vouch for this Paul Waggener, or Devotion Jiu Jitsu? Or even Wolf Brigade in general?

“Kyle Helsper”: I think I had a run-in with this guy on Facebook a few years back. I’m not certain (I argue with a lot of people obviously), but if he was known to wear a fedora he may have been the dude that inspired me to post the douchiest photo in the world:


Haha, wouldn’t surprise me :laughing:
Yea that was another thing I was curious about. Where do these guys instruct, and do they have any dodgy backgrounds? Politics haven’t found their way to our mats yet, but think I’d like to know who I was training with too.

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Real men do not use deodorants.
This goes double for axe body spray.

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I had to go to the store to get that specifically for the picture. I think still have the can somewhere.

The only effective, practical means of addressing the problem is social sanction: as long as instructors tolerate these kinds of people in their classes, they will keep going on to become instructors of their own schools… and they are more driven to get their message out than anyone is to stop them.

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At which point they show up to DC looking for the people responsible for chasing them all over the country, and all hell breaks loose. We already did this.

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That’s more of a Trilby

A fedora has a wider brim

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So think I answered my own questions. This dude is a legit Nazi. “Devotion Jiu-Jitsu” seems to be a brand that mostly sells merch, but also the name of their “private gym.” There’s a photo of him getting his purple by someone in a GB Gi (which I don’t like seeing, belonging to Gracie Barra myself), and at an IBJJF comp in Atlanta in what looks like his own gi. We have to compete in GB gi’s, so don’t think he competes under an affiliate, but there you go. BJJ nazis.


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So @Osiris

Are you pro these guys cause far right, or against them cause Gracie?

IDK what the other ink means, but the tattoo he’s got on his left chest is pretty sus.

I’ve seen people getting accused of things on the internet because some asshole misinterpreted one of their tattoos (e.g. iron cross, Viking/Buddhist stuff) but I don’t think there’s another plausible meaning for that one.

Nope. Thats a black sun.

While Barra does make me see Hitler in a new light, I can’t condone this groups attacks on Jewish civilians, nor their association with Barra. Fuck these guys. And lol @ national socialists supporting a foreign threat. If I have free time, they might have a bad day.

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Well, the local Nazis just pissed me off, so the odds of these guys having a bad day just increased.

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Slightly less blatant than SS runes or the SS totenkopf (edit: but that said, make sure you’re not pestering someone who just likes pirates or got the “toxic” symbol, or something), but not by much…

We’ll all be sure not to drink so deeply,
that we affect the tides.
Or not.

That IS the SS runes.

I’m just glad you are no longer pro nazi

A former neighbour had a swastika tattoo on his neck

A stupid mistake when a teenager he said

Shoulda got the black sun.