Will the MMA fanboys make up their Minds?

MMA fanboys have said for years that BJJ is the ultimate martial art. Then they changed their mind and said it’s western wrestling. And now they changed their mind yet again and now it’s sambo. I can’t keep up with these mma trends.

because people can’t learn new things and change their minds?

Sambo is russian mma

in soviet russia, martial arts mix you

Says on One of the clubs websites over here:

Sambo/russian mma

it’s not inaccurate. Im actually attending a combat sambo seminar next year and very much looking forward to it

Let us know if you get introduced to any new technique or an unorthodox implementation of a technique.

I don’t think there anything unique to Sambo be it technique or methodology.

I’m here for a good time

Have you done any Sambo or grappling arts to go with your street spinning kicks?

@kimjonghng I’ve had street fights since i was a kid and was taller than most so they always went for a takedown.

Your’re a good wrestler if you can take me down. A crappy one isn’t getting anywhere.

But I’m an outlier. Most strikers have no intuition for it

People can change their minds but it’s just confusing to see these people who rode bjj nuts for so long say wrestling is all the rage now. You need to know alot of skills for MMA not just one martial art but people are going to say something else is king for mma in the future I bet.

I’m not accusing you of being martially incompetent but what kind of grapplers are you up against. If a bjj player can’t take you down it’s not an accomplishment. I noticed when I started bjj how crummy they are at stand up grappling.

With no time limits, Gracie Jiu-Jitsu has an advantage.
In short scrambles, Sambo shines.
Folkstyle, Freestyle, Greco, Boxing, Muay Thai, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Savate, in their rulesets really shine.
They are all fun games.
And gentlemen and ladies play them.

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along with the theydies and gentlethems

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western movie whistle, eagle screech and tumbleweed enter the chat

Were these fights also against Joe Rogan?

Not really, you just admitted they can change their minds. Some of it is bandwagonning for sure but I dont expect most people to think.

Why did Kron Gracie resort to pulling guard in his UFC loss to Cub Swanson if GJJ is better than sport BJJ?

You will have to ask him.

@Dr.Gonzo Maybe because contrary to popular belief, GJJ guys aren’t any better at takedowns?

I don’t think any GJJ guy would pose any problems for Khabib.

Who has that popular belief, exactly, that Gracie Jiu-Jitsu guy are better at takedowns?
Better than who?

That depends on the guy, and the ruleset.
I wouldn’t put anybody on a pedestal, myself.