Will the MMA fanboys make up their Minds?

@Dr.Gonzo How are they supposed to overcome his ground and pound?

In Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, ground and pound is a core training activity.
Gracie Jiu-Jitsu stylists are often generous about it, much like Mr. Khabib, when it isn’t personal.

I think modern MMA with Khamzat and Khabib has show that ground and pound beats BJJ. It doesn’t matter how good you are.

Prior to those guys the conventional wisdom was maybe 50/50 in such a scenario.

The zeitgeist can change again but right now the evidence is that wrestling and G&P owns submission grappling

@A11 , re-read those two statements.

@Dr.Gonzo My point that the guard in BJJ loses to wrestling and G&P.

And why I think that is because not a single BJJ even wants to challenge it. They try to stop Khabibs and Khamzats takedownS.

Back in the old days they coooperated to get down there

We are using two different sets of nomenclature here.
I am saying Gracie Jiu-Jitsu.
You are saying BJJ.
Two related but different things.

In Gracie Jiu-Jitsu ground and pound is a core activity, and is included in 2/3 of the practices.

BJJ oR GJJ, or Judo guard it doesn’t matter which one.

The point is all submission grappling guards loses to Elite wrestling+G&P IMO.

Unless I see someone subbing Khabib and Khamzat

Gracie Jiu-Jitsu is a ground and pound art.
One of the defining ground and pound arts, in fact.
I think what you are struggling with, is confusing Jiu-Jitsu stylists with weak takedowns, or technically imperfect takedowns as a stereotype - which has some frequent truth to it.
Also, we have to point out that takedowns, and clich work, or entry to takedown range are two different disciplines.
And that leg shots, and upper body work are two different things.

@Dr.Gonzo I meant once again “submission grappling arts in a guard”.

A GJJ Guy can obviously sub Khabib and Khamzat if they get on top.

People can get subbed from the bottom, too.
It happens.
As a for instance, it happens to me very rarely, but it happens sometimes, because even though I am familiar with the domain, I am old, sometimes slow, cautious with my body, and sometimes I am looking around the room to guage situational safety as one of the senior people.

I am not going to be the one to open the can of worms regarding jokes about this sentence

We have enough grappling is gay comments already.

It’s New Year’s.
It’s a Party.
That means that gay comments have no limit, like high stakes Poker.
Also, Mistletoe rules are still in effect.

subbing isnt a gay thing you know. It just means submissive.

This is what I call the Godzilla Fallacy.

Just replace your elite full contact martial artist with a legit Kaiju, and the antagonist with a “___ guy”.

Let’s make 2024 the year we stop using the term “____ guy”, unless it’s actual Blue Shirt/Free Guy.

In 2024, free guy.

Since apparently I’m actually the one who brought up grappling being gay I want to add that I can’t stop noticing how handsome this girl’s brother is at :29 in this video.