What first brought you to Bullshido?

I signed up on these forums back 2009. I believe I was looking for Traditional Martial Arts fights or something and came across the Bobby Joe Blythe beat down of Kung Fu Guy (Bobby Blythe, Dojo Owner And Former Marine, Watches Student Beat Up Mentally Handicapped Man - YouTube) . Was this ever resolved?
Anyway, what incident/article/post brought you to this website and forum initially?


The McDonald’s corporation’s IP lawyers threatening to sue me for using “McDojo.com”.


My kids got into a mcdojo on a friendvite… I wanted to know if they were any good, and that landed me here. Never looked back.


I think I was looking for people to discuss Judo ? I joined up first time really early, lost my id/pw, and then rejoined with a new one.

Some discussions came up on search.

I started out on the old rain.org Judo Forum, the Underground Judo/Sambo group, and of rec.martial arts.


I used to go on this website called lock flow, all the time. I kept seeing the banner for bullshido on the side and one day decided to check it out. I posted something about MMA and got absolutely raped for the comment. So, I slowly exited stage left. Came back on the site, a few years later, after I had a weird experience at the Alabama state BJJ championship when my team competed. I posted about it and then kept coming back.


Ninjas. In particular, the Booj.

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Then, late 2007 (?) it was the search for the truth of hand to hand fighting.
I was still a believer.

Now. I was excited for finding it again in Facebook, and pleased to see that it evolved into fighting against the kind of shit thinking that got me into believing “forces”.

I still fight my shitty thinking through learning critical skills and proper English lurking and reading around the Facebook Group and here.

My hype and foolish posting gets my ass handed to me often enough, please be gentle.

Lurked from to 2005 to 2010, I think. Got the guts to finally join after I got myself involved with a McDojo that operated kinda like an MLM business in 2010. Posted some stuff in 2011 - if I’m remembering it right -, didn’t log in regularly until 2014 because life choices. From then on I mostly hanged around the TMA forums when they were still up, specially Japanese and Chinese MA.

I joined to defend Wing Chun. That goofball Wing Tsun that got wrecked in the early UFCs was stiff and ridiculous. We train the real Wing Chun and we do drills and we have aliveness!


I joined to defend Wing Chun. That goofball Wing Tsun that got wrecked in the early UFCs was stiff and ridiculous. We train the real Wing Chun and we do drills and we have aliveness!

How’s that going for you PizDoff?

Around 2003, after a hiatus from Judo due to an eye injury, I started foraying into various online martial arts forums. E-Budo and Bullshido were the only two worth any time and E-Budo seemed hellbent on making itself irrelevant, so I am still here and not there.


It was the Fooming that brought me over.


I was watching blood sport for the 100000000 time and when the credits rolled it suddenly hit me “oh yeah this dude was real”
I hadnt acknowledged this fact since i originally watched it on release which was long before the internet.

I excitedly googled him looking for more information about potentially the most awesome man that had ever lived Frank W Dux.

My search lead me here.

All reality as I had previously known it was now pissed on with the ferocity of a mega tsnami.

Disillusioned and heartbroken I waded through the threads lurking sporadically over the years as one by one all I held dear to me was systematically dismantled with the subtlety of a stampeding rhinoceros who thinks you just ate his sandwich after banging his wife, until I think it was the Floyd Webb bdfs thread that got me to join as I was reading allot about those colorful characters elsewhere.


Got on the original forums after some late-night Google-fu. Somewhere between re-runs of Game of Death and watching UFC 2, I realized something was wrong. Long story short; got out of my McDojo, into judo (just the basics), boxing (I’ve terrible form, but I still have all of my teeth) and in the end into submission grappling. If today I’m a man who’s a bit less scared of violence and a lot more comfortable with being uncomfortable and a bit more aware of biases in my own reasoning, it’s probably this Forum and it’s members I have to thank for that. So yeah, big thanks to the band of big bad admins and all of you folks.


I honestly cannot remember when; I was still serving so I believe around 2004 (don’t quote me on that).

I came because I was sick of all the McDojos and their hype and came to talk to like minded people.


Looking for fake Black Belts, McDojos exposed, and looking for articles on BJJ. Was about 8 years ago.


I was searching for BS within my own parent martial art and wound up here.


I’m sure I was searching for how deadly my Shaolin Kung Fu was compared to other martial arts some time around the late nineties or early two thousands, and had a rude awakening when I stumbled into Bullshido.

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Same as @SifuJason here. Fed up with how 13-year old girls got awarded black belts, started searching the old 'web, and ended up on the old forums.