What do you ride?

Let the cock measuring begin.

After nearly 30 years of not touching the handlebars of a running motorcycle, I’m about to finally take the MSF basic course, and get my endorsement. I’ll train on their 250s or whatever, but when done, I’m going whole hog (pun intended). This beauty of a beast is just waiting for me to clear a space in the garage.

I present, the soon-to-be-mine 2011 Yamaha Silverado 1700:

I don’t need 4WD; 1WD is masculine too, Rabbit.


Every time I think about getting a bike, I remember all the people I know of who have been killed or maimed on one, then I’m like na I prefer steel cage road death to motorcycle roadkill.

Sunshine is still in pretty good shape, minus the scars of its new teenage driver (parallel parking practice fail).

Damn, those tires need some air.


I also stick to 4 wheels, but here is my good friends restored BSA


You can definitely see the beginnings of the Bonneville in that old bike. @hungryjoe has an old Norton, allegedly, which needs some fixin’ up.

You can here him coming up the road, but you think it’s a tractor

A new frame and front end are a little beyond “some fixin’ up”.

I should put that engine into a custom built wheel chair. Talk about a hill climber…


That is a real beauty but I’m superstitious about bikes, man.

I try to be a skeptic about everything but bikes mess with my head. Just, you know, be careful. Wear leathers, a good helmet and most of all watch out for bad drivers/debris/obstructions in the road. I’ve lost four people I cared about on those things and recently a friend lost the fight to keep his leg 3 years after a drunk hit him.

I’ve not met a biker without a nasty crash/gammy leg story to tell

A few dearly departed also


I’m too fat and too paranoid for a motorcycle .

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Well, my 17 year old son wins, but he let’s me drive it when I ask, LOL.


80ish Chevy?

1977 F250 “High Boy”. High Boy being vernacular for having a divorced transfer case. Obviously, custom flat bed and really lifted.

On that terrain, oh yeah high and loose lol.

Ford was my first guess and I changed it. Something about the grill reminded me of my stepdad’s old rig.

Amazingly, it’s hard to get my 17 year old to get in HIS used Mustang. I keep telling him this is his chick magnet, he’s like “I’m already a chick magnet”. Which is true, he’s had more girlfriends by 17 than I had when I got married.

This is why, he grew his hair and beard out and looks like a millennial slacker Barry Gibb:

Update: bike serviced and tuned. License endorsement acquired. Yamahawg at rest.


Alright. I need to get the power falcon started so I can take pictures in the sun.

I wanted to wait until the roll cage was welded in before I put the new carpet back in but I guess that can wait seeing as I had to postpone the motor swap.

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It even has a seat for @jnp on the back

And, nobody commented on the rapier.

Rape is bad, dude

I yet can’t even drive, so my wife carries us around in this.

Truly the only car we could afford that could endorse all children security seats we needed. Thanks South Korea, it’s a fine one.