[VIDEO] Joe Rogan's antivax endocarditis argument debunked in real time on his show


Woopsie! Watch Joe discover that there is a significantly-greater risk of endocarditis from ACTUALLY GETTING COVID when unvaccinated. Pull that up, Jamie, indeed.

Bonus, “but muh VAERS”.

Joe’s apparently appearing at an anti-vaccine mandate rally later in the month, along with noted kooks and cranks.

If you’re getting health advice from a TKD black belt comedian talk show host, you should refactor your life. That doesn’t mean that he is wrong or right, it means you are a fucking idiot.


Which pro athlete is it this week then?

I don’t follow such things. Stupid overload is a thing.

fucking ZING

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Man, that was cognitive dissonance in real time


I listened to the Robert Malone podcast with JR a few days ago after all the hoo haa.

I do not agree with him being removed from twitter BUT I didn’t find him particularly convincing.

He very early on declared in his words the “exciting” news that he had developed a covid treatment that had begun clinical trials so that was unbias out the window quite early on.

I think the vaccines are amazing science and have not only had them but encouraged dozens of others to do so too but you WILL see my face at an anti vaccine mandate rally if they try that shit in the UK.

Sadly just as with Brexit if you want to campaign for certain causes you stand the risk of siding with idiots on that issue .

Ill add that I just posted that video in a group on whatsapp full if anti vacidiots , its gonna be great.

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Are you against helmet mandates for motorcyclists?

But the vaccine still lets you catch covid.


Yes, I am. I still wear a helmet almost every single ride, though. Ironically, the fact that I do has made me more opposed to seatbelt laws. Not totally opposed, just more opposed than I was, previously. Not everything is black and white, dude.

Nobody said it wouldn’t

They health systems around the world are getting clogged up with unvaxed people not vaxed

By a significant margin


Against seat belts?

Do tell

Motorcycles don’t have seat belts.

So why has wearing a helmet made you more adverse to seat belt laws?

It has made me more attuned to safety vs. theater. School buses, public buses, subways, trams, and trains almost universally don’t have seatbelts. Shit, you can ride standing up, on most of those. Forklifts and other heavy machinery often don’t have seatbelts, either, even though they are more likely to tip over in the performance of their duties.

Buses can easily reach highway speeds, as many of them are designed to be highway vehicles. NYC trains can get upwards of 55mph, in normal operation. London Undergrounds can get up to 62mph, in normal operation. If you haven’t seen a bus crash in the last week, just give it a few minutes.
Passenger trains derail frequently, due to operators speeding, and these incidents cause many deaths, and many more injuries. Things that make you go “hmm.”

I get that

The way I see it, wearing a seat belts whilst driving or riding in a car exerts zero inconvenience on me, whereas an unbelted person can negatively affect other fellow car users

Why not?

If a government’s purpose is to protect it’s citizens, the health promotion mandate is good value for money

Well, now you are starting to think. Keep going.

My head hurts

Is it too soon to bring up the allegations/evidence, which show that Fauci is a big fat fucking liar, or that ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine are reliable therapeutics, based on research from the very scientists that created the virus (on purpose or by accident is still sort of in the wind)?