Upgrade Your Account - How and Why


Okay folks, those of you that have been around forever remember our Supporting Memberships and Sponsorships that we used to have, which help offset the costs of running the site.

We’re ridiculously grateful to everyone who has contributed over the years, because that money has made keeping this place going a hell of a lot easier, especially as the economy has all but collapsed a few times since we were founded.

To make this easier for everyone, we’ve combined both previous options into a “Contributing Membership” which puts a gold checkmark on your avatar, and gives you access to our Contributing Members-only section, along with discounts on whatever Bullshido-branded merchandise we come up with. And because life kind of sucks for most people at the moment, we’ve set the memberships at a paltry $2.99 a month, or $29.99 a year.

Our eventual goal is to turn this whole enterprise into a non-profit, at which point these should even be tax deductible. But for now, you’ll have to settle for the existing perk of showing everyone else on the forums you’re better than them.

Click the link above, or click here, to Upgrade!

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A 50% increase?!?

I’m only here for the gold check mark.

Sponsorships were $10 a month, so it’s a 66% decrease really.

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Thank you. I now feel cheaper than usual.


Where is this members only area?

I got dick pics

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Just West of here.

Do you mean Mexico?

If you’re standing in the gulf maybe.

You may be handsome but your directions leave a lot to be desired