Un American news

Do we get a one sided picture though?

I mean there is a lot less wing agenda from Foreign media. Because they don’t care as much.

If Al Jazeera,d American politics I would probably get a more correct picture than Fox.

Yeah. That isn’t too deadly to spar. That’s something completely different

Gun guys don’t LARP.

meanwhile gun guys.

It’s the “lost in translation,” meme which is more of a theory than a hypothesis, any more.

Case in point:

Al Jazeera does cover American politics. Fox is one outlet with one set of opinions on what news should be, and how it should be reported. You can’t limit your news consumption to one, while apparently be ignorant that others exist.

That is the second most hilarious thing.
The most hilarious thing, is that you and @doofaloofa are both dense.
And you are both indeed repeating back the things said to you.
In a way, it is understandable.
(a) Imitation is a form of flattery, and (b) what else could you do, other than be silent or make a joke attempt.
It’s not like either of you have the brain power to do other than repeat back what you perceive as insulting comments towards your persons.

I was surprised way back when I first started traveling overseas on business. Yes, you get an incomplete picture.

As far as Fox? Like you’ve ever watched anything other than cherry picked parts on other networks.

At least you have the BBC.

Gun guys don’t larp???

How the fuck did we get Gun Kata then?

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Are you referring to movies, video games, and make believe?

Do a search under his username.

Wait has this subject shifted? I thought it had more to do with whether an external source could theoretically do a better job than an internal one. And I think it can.

Rather than multiple news sources. Which also should be better. Provided your critical thinking is on point.

Yes but you are stupid. So your argument is invalid.

I love this. I can argue like an educated man and it doesn’t even take effort.

No, this is still about doofa’s discordances with reality.

I don’t feel anyone has both oars in the water at this stage.

By the way. What is the love affair with Izreal? For the rest of the world it is basically a who gives a fuck country constantly at odds with other who gives a fuck countries.

And Gal Gaddot.

I am sorry to bear bad news.
But nothing times nothing, still equals nothing.
Worse than that, you are in this case, noise, distracting from signal, or good signal potential.
There are other quantum states, where you were all that stood between the worst, and you held, or hold the line.
That is not this moment.
But that moment may come yet.
And I hope you are enough, and you certainly have that potential, and more.
Who knows?
You may have already done so, so many times, that it would take many lifetimes to count.

I hear memory degrades as you settle into dotage

Let’s try to stay on topic chaps

@submessenger you ought to be setting an example!

Don’t know. Kind of sounds stupid.

But hopefully one day you won’t.

When you don’t understand things, they sound stupid to you.
Given that you are just a few years younger than I, your brain is not likely to develop further.
Therefore you are not likely to understand things better in the future than now.
In fact, you are likely to understand things worse, if you pick up progressive dementia.

My kids were not allowed toy firearms for the same reason.

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This back and forth from Doof and Greg is full of typical gaslighting/strawman type “arguments”, IMO.

Commonly seen on the BS FB group.

Say something untrue, act as if it’s true, then act as if the person who is the target really said those things.

Also, infer something bad or unflattering from what the person wrote, and treat it like it’s the truth, post as if the person you are attacking really believes the lie you made up about them.

It’s a mind-numbingly familiar methodology.

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I mean, I’m an American, and I read at least 4 different news sources every morning, and more than that during the day into the evening.

MSM just reported that John Roberts, Chief Justice of SCOTUS, took actions and said things that he DID NOT DO.

Even NPR mis-reported the facts.

I thought it was true, because several news sources reported the same thing, with different slants.

They did get it right that Justice Sotomayor is diabetic…

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