Un American news


I know a few of you yanks are getting butt hurt when us non Americans criticise your country, so here’s a thread that criticises other countries


The Netanyahu matter is none of my business, and of no interest to me, as I do not live in Israel.

This is just another example of @doofaloofa posting about matters he knows little about, regarding countries, people, and cultures other than his own.

@Doofa, it is no less boorish when you do it about non-U.S. countries that you also know little or nothing about.

Why don’t you post about areas where you might have at least a snowball’s chance in Hell of posting something useful, or non-randomly accurate, or of informational value, instead of just throwing shit at the wall to see what might stick, or roll down?

Examples might include homestead farming, Northern Ireland, nearby trade partner countries that you personally deal with, or other areas where you may actually know what you are talking about…

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What is wrong with your dude?

If you don’t want to educate yourself about stuff, please yourself

What’s with this Thought Police nonsense where you feel the need to control who can discuss what with whom?

You come off as a bit of an anal prick


Again, you are a bad resource, not a good resource to educate oneself,
regarding topics that you do not have real knowledge, real understanding, real experience, or real experience with.
Just as one would not take advice about sex from a virgin, nor advice about MMA from someone who watched the UFC on TV, but never trained nor competed in those activities themselves.
You might be a good resource about other topics, but not international affairs, nor their local politics, regarding countries that you do not do business in, do not regularly travel to, or even, have never traveled to / never directly done regular business with.
You certainly don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground regarding U.S. politics,
and if your knowledge of Israel politics is at near equivalent levels,
then you don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground regarding Israel local politics, either.



Sure, you did.
No need for you to be silly about it.

You seem to have zero self awareness

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I am very self-aware.
What does my self-awareness have to do with you?
Other than my kindly informing you, from time to time?
Or informing the room, when and if you are being silly?
It’s either that, or remain silent, or make a joke.

Ironically insulting Israel is weirdly insulting America.

Its a conservative thing cos the bible or something.

So that’s why you got the Scientology treatment.

Not for me, it is isn’t.
In fact, I am against U.S. Foreign Aid, to Europe or Israel or Palestine or the UK.

I am not a Conservative.
Nor do I give a rat’s ass about the Bible except as mythological literature, similar to Homer’s Greek Myths.
I am an Atheist, for legal abortion, legal drugs, gay marriage rights, etc
I am not for giving the government, or governments a lot of money, however, as they tend to spend it poorly, including dropping bombs on other countries.

Neither you, nor Doofa, have been given “scientology” treatment.

Both of you, are largely ignorant, uneducated posters, and that would be OK, if you both did not make grandiose claims to the contrary.

For instance, @doofaloofa claiming that he is an expert on U.S. politics, compared to Americans who actually live in the U.S.

Or you, claiming to be a bad ass, because you worked at a bar, or play airsoft.

Both of you are ridiculous in your claims, do not have much formal education, and have no credentials in the areas you claim expertise in, when you make outlandish claims.

And that is why you both get made fun, because of your posts, and your posts, get quickly refuted and sometimes made fun of.

You are a strange dude.

You are actually serious about that hodgepodge post of half truths and insane conclusions aren’t you?

I mean a foreigner can’t understand American politics better than an American? That is kind of epic. And very C. Gordan. Half of you don’t even vote. Like they literally take no part in politics whatsoever and yet have some intrinsic ability to understand it?

Or that bad ass even has a definition?

Or even your tragically street/sport arguments about airsoft. Yes you are to deadly to spar. LOL.

I hate to break it to you. But you are the one being made fun of. You just seem to miss it in your self absorbed posting. And weird cult leader stuff you do.

But hey. I will still talk to you. Think of it as a public service. To let other posters know how stupid you are.


The other half vote twice, duh.

Approximately 240 million people were eligible to vote in the 2020 presidential election and roughly 66.1% of them submitted ballots, totaling about 158 million.
Voter turnout in United States presidential elections - Wikipedia

It’s the Monty Hall problem, exemplified. You say half, I say 2/3’s.

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I didn’t even look it up. I was more ticlked by the idea your average Joe dirt just has this magical ability to understand politics cos ,merica

It’s like not even really a science is it?

Seosemh O’Drochithir on the far side of the pond is much less likely to understand than Joe McDirt, who lives about a mile down, on the other side of Golden Pond.

Doesn’t mean it’s not possible.

@doofaloofa and yourself seem generally a bit low on the IQ curve.

I doubt either one of you understand your local politics as well as the median local where you live.

Therefore, it is especially absurd to think that either one of you would understand other countries’ local politics better than the locals, simply by your respective Google Fu’ing.

I do not say that all Foreigners are as below the bell curve as you and @doofaloofa , but rather that both of you seem above average dull, stupid, and ignorant, generally.

I can say that you saying that you worked as a bouncer at a bar because you thought you were a “hard cunt”, or that working as a bouncer at a bar would make you a “hard cunt” is laughable.

Regarding your comments that “I am too deadly to spar”, that is just feces coming out of your brain, I never said anything of the kind.
I stated that I do not allow my children to play airsoft games at this time,
where they point things that look and feel like real firearms at other humans,
because I am training them to use and carry real firearms for hunting and shooting sports, etc,
and I don’t want to them to point anything that is a firearm replica at other humans during this stage of their firearms training.

What weird cult leader stuff do I do?

This is why the Democrats are posturing that any objection to a federal takeover of State’s
voting rules is racist, a power grab and undemocratic. A large portion of this country’s citizens can’t be bothered to go out and do their civic duty or just don’t care. Anything offered as more for free without having to put even the effort to cast a vote.

The reality is not portrayed by the mainstream media. Far from. Meanwhile you across the pond get a one sided predictably biased picture of politics here in the US.

@doofaloofa is a prime example. I don’t remember him ever posting a link from any source other than left of center. Ever.

No I think this is the anecdotal myth. Where just because something happens to me doesn’t mean I understand it.

The most hilarious thing about leading with this, your stupid thing. Is that anyone can do it as effectively as anyone else. It doesn’t rely on education or ability to understand the conversation.

So you are stupid. More stupid than me or doofaloofa. It literally creates an even playing field.

" I do not say that all Foreigners are as below the bell curve as you and @doofaloofa , but rather that both of you seem above average dull, stupid, and ignorant, generally."

Show me were you said what you think you said.