Thoughts on the Boston Children's Hospital Incident

Schools, and churches, are both rampant areas where adults in positions of responsibility abuse children, sexually, and otherwise.

School employees are often dirt bags. Much like Priests, Ministers, nuns, you name it.

The thing is to set an actual standard rather than have an emotional reaction would be to demand some sort of legislation regarding what parents are allowed to do with kids.

Like they have to get medical treatment up to 16 or so regardless whether the parent worships cuthilu or not. They can’t get puberty blockers or whatever.

And fuck the parents.

But giving that sort of control to the government makes people cry. So it won’t happen.

We have child abuse laws.

Teachers socially transitioning children without their parents knowledge and medical professionals performing irreversible medical procedures aren’t required to collude with each other to exist. You’re focusing on that point because you are aware that teachers are socially transitioning children without their parents’ knowledge and you are aware that the medical industry is performing “gender affirming care”. But you want to argue against the strawman that they are “colluding” to do this.

Multiple videos available of just one medical institution. The videos cover the financial incentive for “gender affirming care” and the procedures performed on minors.

And here a paper of record talking about social transitioning and not informing parents. Because it’s WaPo they make it seem as benign as they possibly can but there is an entire Twitter account dedicated to putting social media videos of these types of teachers out to the public on Twitter, and constantly gets suspended for it. And the videos are not of teachers solely concerned for the “safety” of students at home. That’s just an excuse to isolate children from their parents to effect this social contagion.

No, ones time would be better spent burning the public school system to the ground and starting over. Especially if you are worried about sexual predation of children.

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Good. Then lets beef them up to create a catch all. And stop all this nonsense.

And while we are making legislation more robust. That sort of shit is fucking garbage and needs to go away as well.

It’s not going anywhere because it’s in the interests of power to not have it go anywhere. This is why there’s so much focus on the backlash against these institutions when someone points out what’s going on rather than what the institutions are doing. Everyone in media is focused on the the threats the institutions get after people find out what they’re doing that when someone like Matt Walsh brings receipts on this there’s a lot of pearl clutching about how it’s stochastic terrorism to notice things. Same with teachers and parents late last year when the the NSBA asked the DOJ to investigate angry parents as domestic terrorists.

You’re still a fucking idiot.

I could replace your bullshit narrative with Tolkien characters and Lord of Rings back story and it would be just as truthful.

You fear mongering little bitch boy.

Try replacing it with evidence that contradicts what I’ve provided.


Why don’t you try supporting your bullshit with factual evidence.

Maybe understand where the burden of is here as well.

This is a two minute video of someone trying to sell something to a hospital admin staff in the US.

Do you think the same thing does not happen in the US when someone is trying to open a burn victim, oncology, pediatric, or obstetrics unit?

A lot Hospitals is in the US are for profit. They want to know where there getting the return on investment for any treatment. Even the ER goes through cost benefit.

You should have taken a business course instead of wasting time on your toilet paper art degree.


I hope you are at least getting paid to sell these fucking dumb narratives you come with. But your probably stupid enough to shill this shit for free

Go light your self on fire you fascist fuck.

This monetisation is pretty sick, like cosmetic surgery is sick, or circumsising babies is sick

America’s situation regarding health care is due to treating it as just another commodity

It’s not because all doctors are perverts

Where are the ethics watchmen

Go picket the doctor’s regulatory organisations, not hospitals

Go picket the Health Insurance companies that incentevise the practice

(Pay wall stopped me reading the WaPo article)

The “Teachers turning kids trans” argument is still to be backed up

I think you are misusing “transitioning”

What do you mean by it, so we’re all on the same page?

Hardly a smoking gun

Now if, on the other hand, you could site litigation whereas parents have successfully sued doctors or teachers for non parental consent with regards medical treatment or surgery, I’d take you more seriously

I would say plenty of that kind of thing goes on for the cosmetic surgery industry

And Big Pharma spends a lot of cash to persuade doctors to prescribe drugs of questionable efficacy

They also do it for drugs for that have reliable efficacy.

I don’t have a problem capitalism. It does have it flaws but its better then many alternatives.

I’m not a fan of people lives being traded as commodities though. I advocate for single payer systems and believe in setting boundaries between elective procedures(which should be handled by an open market) and essential services which I think should be made available to everyone.

Like most things there is a lot of nuance and grey areas. Fascists hate that shit. They prefer everything to be brown or to put it another way, have their shit smeared everywhere…

It’s literally a Twitter thread filled with videos of these people saying it themselves.

It’s an entire thread of videos you literal retard.

I’m not sure why you think this contradicts anything I’ve posted.

You should have actually watched the videos in the Twitter thread.


Probably a little much…