Thoughts on the Boston Children's Hospital Incident

When I first heard about the chaos at the hospital, I knew I had to cover it. For some background, they recently faced an intimidation campaign by various right wing groups and individuals . This was sparked by allegations of early sex changes for kids. The aggression culminated in multiple bomb threats leading to one arrest and federal charges.

Shortly thereafter a man named Chris Elston arranged a protest. There was some belief that this protest would involve the notorious NSC-131, an anticommunist, neonazi organization. I went to cover the protest. Being a known street fighter I wore bloc, though I was only there in my capacity as a journalist. When I arrived I found about five people with signs on one side of the street and about 100 Antifa members on the other side. They were seperated by riot police. The people with signs weren’t saying much. Antifa was screaming about Nazis. I went looking for the Nazis and found no known members of any neo Nazi group. Mainly elderly ladies. One man from supposedly anti gay organization. This is not the case as their leadership and senior membership is pretty damn gay. Like the gayest people I’ve ever met. They comprise most of my gay friends.

I continued to look about and noticed several armed men and Antifa’s regional intelligence commander. They were not from the area and in fact tend to launch their excursions from Philadelphia. I also encountered an Antifa female who said hello and told her friend I was a fascist but kinda cute though, even with the mask. I milled about a bit, not finding much of interest. The intelligence commander is tough and dangerous, but usually relies on local forces. They didn’t have their tactical commander on the field so I wasn’t too concerned.

Finally Chris appears and it’s on. The intelligence team rushed forward flanked by armed and armored gunmen. The police jumped in and quickly set up barricades, dealing us off. One Antifa member slipped past and then proceeded to do a peaceful interview with the man. After a while, I cut in and interviewed him as well. First I asked why he was even there.

His basic beef was that they were using puberty blockers, which he believed stunted the growth of the children, and that further damage was done by administering hormones of the opposite sex. I asked him if these procedures are reversible at all, and he claimed that at that point they’d already missed puberty and harmed their development. That was all I asked him. He spoke about not believing there even are trans kids, asserting that they are in fact simply homosexual. These points I would say are the crux of his argument. He did not express any anti trans sentiment, though he did express sentiments that the trans community would dislike.

Shortly thereafter the local art commander arrived. He does wild stunts to pad his documentaries and has drawn the ire of everyone from the JTTF to the Secret Service. This raises the risk of incident as his antics are independently dangerous, rile up the crowd and mask real attacks. That day he seemed more intent on filming for a show or movie. He then interviewed Chris. In approached and he asked me if I was going to apologize to him for an incident on Mayday. I asked what for and he claimed I punched him. His story had me running around like “Ninja Gaiden, doing ninja shit”, when I assaulted him. This was not the case. In reality it looked like I was beating up four dudes, but it was in fact a gang of idiots charging about attacking a politician. I thwarted the attack, the crowd of about one hundred counter attacked and I then escorted the attackers to safety. After debating this he pulled out a video showing me and then him hitting the deck. I explained that didn’t mean I hit him. He then tried to have the police arrest me for assault and said he wanted to file a report. They ignored him and he stormed off.

After a while the main brunt of the police for left, leaving a small security contingent. Having got all the interviews to be had (Antifa intelligence isn’t very chatty), I figured this would be a good time to leave. I waited for a time where I wasn’t surrounded and then slipped into the streets, departing without incident.

Now, there are several things to consider in addition to the debate at hand. I think Antifa’s approach was heavy handed and that a hospital is an inappropriate place for an armed battle with 131 who didn’t show. I also think that their chants were less inspiring to the children and doctors than they think. A mob outside screaming “WE HATE YOU!” scares people. It just does and if you’re inside and hearing this, you don’t know who they’re talking to. On the other hand, while sarcastic, “the stochastic terrorism tour” was a poor name and given the context of the matter with the bomb threats and such, I think it’s also inappropriate for a hospital, though they weren’t screaming profanity or blocking the streets like Antifa was.

All in all, it was an interesting moment.

I’m calling bull shit

On the wider issues

What business is it of anyone’s what medical treatment some other person is having?

For instance, I personally believe Christian Scientists, and others sects that don’t allow certain medical interventions, are reckless and deluded

But if they want to harm themselves, go at it

Obviously, the situation is complicated if the patient is not able to give informed medical consent, but the courts are the way to go

Using kids as political/culture war cannon fodder is bad

There are two issues. One is the rise of trans terrorism in response to what they consider hate speech. They tend to show up with massive armies of goons and attack the speaker. So there’s some unstated resentment there on the right. That’s what’s fueling a lot of it.

On the other side of the issue is that the people in question here are children. Going trans before puberty is a HUGE fuck up that a child can’t understand the implications of. So that element of transitioning children, including top surgeries at age 15 is highly controversial.


Absolutely. Why should anyone be concerned about teachers socially transitioning children without their parents knowledge and medical professionals willing to conduct irreversible surgeries and medical interventions on those same children. There is no negative consequence for larger society from this.

Just like bail reform. Who cares if someone commits second degree murder? It’s about equity. Sorry ma’am taking a morning jog before going to work, you’re just going to have to be raped and murdered in the name of equity and for the betterment of society.


Which came first?

Sure, I get that. But once the treatments and procedures are considered legal it’s between the Dr and the patient and the legal guardians and nobody else’s business

I don’t know what it’s like in Yankganistan, but here the courts are ready to intervene in the case of theist cults endangering children where extreme beliefs restrict health care, over riding the rights of guardians to provide consent and putting it into the hands of the medics

If harm can be proved, take it to court

I agree confrontation outside hospitals serves no one but the extremists at both ends of the spectrum

This sounds like your garden variety moral panic to me

Can you provide any evidence to support it

Hyperbolic much?

As you know, the UK national health system is critically reviewing the UK trans treatment centers for being over-aggressive in offering trans therapies, as opposed to offering counseling or mental illness therapies first.

You just broke the irony meter.

Did you just compare parents refusing cancer treatments for their children with parents refusing to let their children get puberty blockers for cosmetic reasons, and cosmetic surgeries / hormones therapies?

The two situations are not remotely equivalent.

Not treating cancer patients often results in death.

The narrative about trans people committing suicide is that trans people have 7 times the rate of straight males at expressing suicidal ideations or claiming they attempted suicide.

That is not equivalent to have greater rates of actually committing successful suicide, though.

In fact, over 75% of the successful suicides in the United States are committed by straight, white, middle aged men, who often give no warning and express no suicidal ideation before committing successful suicide.

And the only demographic that has higher by percentage of population of committing successful suicide in the United States than straight, middle aged males, are Native American middle aged males.

The people who talk about suicide are often not the ones who commit successful suicide.

The people who commit successful suicide are often the ones that have the lowest rates of talking about it, unlike the trans demographic.

I absolutely agree with you. There are no larger consequences of anything. You shouldn’t care about what society does unless it personally affects you.

So you don’t have evidence to support your claim that teachers are turning kids trans and colluding with doctors to perform surgery?

Theist cults pose a bigger threat to children’s health

Go picket a Christian Scientist church

The trans advocacy for children dynamics share many characteristics with the manipulative and harmful dynamics of theist cults.

And the trans by self-identification and theist movements are all mind over matter nonsense movements for the mentally ill, or delusional.

So you say.

However, if your, and @BrevardFighter 's assertions are correct, let’s see some court cases where teachers and doctors are proved to be in cahoots to abuse children

Or even accused and got off on a technicality

Or any evidence at all

That is if you want to discuss facts, not your jaded opinion

They are literally saying it themselves.

I didn’t write this. The medical profession is solely motivated by the cash flow of a permanent patient class. They have also admitted this though not in public, only when they didn’t think someone was sitting in the audience with a camera.

You know what you’re doing here. This is a tacit admission that I am correct.

I made this assertion:

And this one:

Why do you state that my assertions and @BrevardFighter’s assertions are the same assertions, and why do you misquote other people’s assertions, in a manner that creates noise and misinformation about what people actually say?

No I don’t think he did do that.

Re read it.

My guess is he was comparing the damage caused by right wing nut jobs to the damage caused by left wing freaks and suggesting that the moral outrage of left wing freaks is unsupported and hypocritical.

What would prove you are correct would be, you know, proof

Like court cases

Instead you’ll bluff and posture and make up bullshit

Sounds like you are suggesting collusion to me

My point is this

If your objective is to protect children rather than score cheap political points then your time would be better spent protesting outside churches not hospitals