The Right Wing Quote Guessing Game! Round 1

Ok, let’s play a game. The only rule is that you cannot search for the quote to find the answer.

Here’s the quote, guess which modern right-wing influencer said this:

Tucker Carlson?

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Solid guess, and I completely understand how you arrived at it.

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Going to let a few more come in before I reveal the answer. Feel free to chime in with a “+1” for guesses someone else already made.

I am guessing a Nazi, because @Phrost posted it.

And no one I know, likes posting Nazi quotes as much as Phrost.

So, even though I am a quant, I will not play the cards or quote in this circumstance,

I will play the player, based on what I suspect is a predictable tell or pattern.

I have no way to prove you cheated but you’re right!

Credit goes to Sam Hoadley-Brill for the framing device to show beyond any shadow of a doubt how the crap being spewed on Fox News on a nightly basis is literal Nazi propaganda.

If this is uncomfortable, maybe re-evaluate what side of history you’re on.

Why would the base assumption be that anyone cheated, when other people have done this before, and you have done this before?

Not necessarily with this quote, but this a game, or device that has been played before several times?

That makes it predicable, with at least an edge.

And in this case, if it was, successfully.

A 55% edge on a an even money bet, much less a higher edge, is worth a bet.

Especially over many such bets.

For fun, let’s play the quote now.

OK, the quote may be true.

That would be part of what makes the best propaganda effective,

Not because it is false,

but when it is true.

That means more than one problem exists.

Correlation is not causation.

Even filth speaks the truth if it says, “gravity exists”, “the world is round”, and “2+2=4”.

Regardless of source, things that are true remain true, and clever filth says true things to gain credibility, even if they later lie, or try to fallaciously extend those specific or nuanced truths into more generalized or simplified or abstracted absurdities.

You said modern. I was deceived.

After all, the communists exceeded the Nazi’s in genocidal head count.

Not once, but several times.


One can oppose other horrible models, and genocidists, or bigots, that are not Nazi’s, and still oppose Nazi’s too.

It was a rigged game.

He also said “right wing”.

Both modern and right wing were lies.

However, we recognize this was a game.

And games are not always meant to be fair, in fact, sometimes they are more fun, when they are not, or were rigged, as this one was.

So, we can have a sense of mutual humor, in that.

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Now you sound like a experimental psychologist. :smile:

Or someone that has an academic background in game theory.

Or someone that spent a few decades in MMA and submission grappling environments, where the game is expected to be unfair, in many cases, and in the early days the ref was often your opponent’s coach or cousin,

so it was a get an indisputable submission or knock out or lose kind of game, which did, in it’s way, make it more fun.

Or someone who worked at a hedge fund trading ten million dollar lots, when the large players were trading in yards or half yard lots.

A yard is a Billion.

I know. Sometimes the game is rigged.

But when I read your comment I thought about the Milgram experiment and the tried to make a joke.

I expose all my university students to the Milgram experiment.

Sadly, we seem to be able to expect those results to repeat.

Although now such experiments are verboten, and rightfully so.

But, they were educational, weren’t they.

Quite the mirror.


Or Maybe the glassy surface atop the abyss.

How Nietzsche of you.

I’m really not much of a pessimist

But to Phrosts point. Why do people keep falling for the same bullshit? It’s a bit disheartening.

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For the same reason he does.
And you do.
And, I do.
And everybody tends to justify, that it is OK, when I do it, or my side does it, in these cases, because.
Charity begins at home, with our own selves.
How can we expect other people to do better, if we do not do better.
If we are not the example we wish to see, then we are part of the problem.
And if we think our example is great, when it is actually dog shit…
Which is why Microsoft products showed some incremental improvement after Microsoft adopted a we will eat our dog food (and use our own tools) internal policy.
Our mission is not to help the world, or bring others into the light, that would be vain, arrogant, and foolish, when we ourselves dwell in darkness.
Our mission is try to be a little less arrogant our own selves, and a little less blind ourselves, and encourage other people to try and do the same.
And realize, they or others may be doing a much better job, than we are, at it, after all, how would any of us know?
If we are just as blind, as the blind people, in our own cave, along with them, judging our reality by the flickering shadows on the cave wall, as that is the limit of our own experience, or understanding?


Based Phrost.

Here’s one: “Fuck Black Lives Matter and Antifa…”