The Right is Making a Huge Mistake

While the right celebrates their return to Twitter, they’re making a HUGE mistake. Three things are about to go horribly wrong for them:

First off, here you see that Twitter is absolutely infested with Antifa. This makes for a lot of eyes in general, which is bad for opsec and good for the enemy’s ability to coordinate attacks. These attacks may occur on or offline.

Second, a basic level Antifa may generate a less complex graph, similar to the one used on the video. In the past, these have proved devastating to the right and can be used to attack targets both associated with and casually connected to the intended target. While the right has the tech skills to counter, they’re not based around this type of operation and will most likely be defeated.

Third, a higher powered Antifa may access twitters API or write a script similar to the one used in the video and process the entire right wing twitterwaffen at once. After that, a simple modularity breakdown will highlight entire communities for action. This is the worse case scenario. Ultimately the right is about to get it handed to them severely.

Just don’t go on Twitter or don’t talk about IRL politics you’re doing on Twitter unless you’re doing normiecon stuff like being a facefag and running for school board. Most of the most prominent Twitter RW people aren’t doing politics IRL anyway, even the facefags like Scott Greer. They’re just doing podcasts and substacks like their equivalent on the left.

Keep firing, asshole.

The right will inevitably destroy itself through in fighting and back biting

Yes absolutely don’t worry about any right wing political movements nothing is happening.




It’s an old right wing meme. You might be too young to get it. Or too old. It’s called the Goldilocks phenom.

It’s like when I say:

“You see it’s kinda like the crack did to Pookie in New Jack, except when I cross over, there ain’t no comin’ back”.

How does that make you feel? Wesley Snipes, Ice T, Chris Rock, MVP, or Big.

Some people get Rastafari watching Bruce fucking Lee.

Look, they are all just crazies, man, tiny numbers, disorganized, and, well, basically a bunch of dumb crackers who can’t even use the Internet beyond posting crappy memes. Nothing to worry about…

Nope, nothing going on, nothing to see, move right along.

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TBH I want libs to underestimate the growth of right wing politics. It leads to hilarious incidents like that recent Jan 6 panel on MSNBC with a bunch of normie chuds dunking on a “journalist”.

I’ve seen some articles recently that suggest maybe, just maybe, some in the mainstream media are taking it seriously.

It’s hilarious, they act like they have done some serious journalism/research, and it’s like, a new development.

Then the Left gets all upset that there has been organized, planned, activity to attain political dominance for literally, decades. Can’t have that sort of thing…

You are hilarious.

And entirely irrelevant.

“Facefag”? What are you, 12?

12 inches. Around.

He’s got the right vibes. The fight is much more 4chanish than you’d think, even when it’s not literally 4chan, which sometimes it is.

Also, it does look like Elon Musk has destroyed Antifa cyber command. So there’s that.




Easy to destroy something that doesn’t fucking exist, except in your mind.

What the fuck is Twitter. Zero point zero.

Somehow antifa doesn’t exist but they always seem to be openly organizing and acting in the interests of the regime. Weird.

The whole “antifa doesn’t exist line” is so funny…

and so obviously propaganda.

It’s like saying “white supremacists don’t exist”, “Christo-Fascists don’t exist”, etc.