The Quiverfull: The Christian Patriarchy Movement and Related Cults

So, now what, @BKR, kind of weird, off the wall, Bullshido are you bringing us, you might ask?

Well, you can thank former poster @ghost(etc) for bringing this to my attention in a discussion on another discord server.

I need to get other stuff done today, but here’s a hint. And a few others.
I think this is tied into, in spirit, if not genetically, to the current unrest the US is experiencing.

And Geoffery Botkin


Here you go:



Oh we’re definitely in Q territory now.

Someone has been paying attention…

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In case anyone can’t see the cryptofascist symbolism hiding in broad daylight.

Lulz, this goes way beyond that “cryptofascism”.

Damn, that image took a long time to load.

I’m not sure why you are so cryptic in your replies.

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Yes you are.

If not, start reading.


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So, this suggests (rather strongly) links to the current “Christian Right”. It’s also related to the whole Cleon Skousen/Mormon/Constitutionalis/Cliven/Amon Bundy thing.

Theonomy… New word for the day!

… was a Catholic priest, who was sainted. Lobster and shrimp are yummy, and we all know where the Vatican stands on anal sex (in practice, not in preaching).

Upon further reading of Geoffery Botkin’s “Western Conservatory” …


I hypothesize he is and has been attempting to draw/recruit Trump supporters to his “Quiverfull” movement.

My current opinion of the guy after looking at his historical activity is he is a cult leader and scammer, looking to enrich himself and his family.

But he probably does believe his own bullshit.

I know, Dr. Obvious…

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And THEN we get to Dominion Theology.

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As I recall, Calvanists are chiefly responsible for what we call a “work week,” and a “weekend.” I am not arguing they are correct, but rather that USA is fundamentally a “Christian nation.”

Sure, however, it’s not, and was not set up as (constitutionally) a theocracy.

And your post of course, is along the lines of what supporters (usually right wing/conservative Christian) argument in favor of a theocracy in the USA.

It’s what the “Quiverfull” bullshit is about as well.

Not just submissive, always-pregnant women.

Theocracy is also the aim of adherents of Cleon Skousen (the Bundy’s). But that one would be Mormon-led.

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These are always fun conversations to have, because we have to weigh the founding, or intent, against the words and modern interpretations.

For the record: I believe there are elements of religion that have contributed positively to society. I also think religion is responsible for just about every state-sponsored death, ever. I am an atheist.

So my thing here is to tie back to the…conservative/right wing/“radical” stuff we see going on now. Not really debate the myriad ideas about the origins of capitalism.

There are several “threads” that are apparently woven together as background.

Having insight into the background/history/relationships can help deal with the current iteration(s).

One of the more interesting one’s is the link of theonomy/theocracy et al and their ideal of “libertarian” economics…

Which I’m sure ties back to the whole "works and success as manifestation of…being right with God. ".

And thus to guess what?

AKA, how to get the most out of your relationship with God…

The irony…


I think that is exactly the Calvinist ideology about work ethic - libertarianism, that is. Work hard, and reap what you sow. I personally agree, but have a completely different idea about God.

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Well, working hard and being frugal exist outside of any theology.

But, they will claim credit for it.

And say “Your work ethic is based in Christian theology, so, you should be a Christian and Christians should rule”.


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Real Christians should allow for others to come to the same/similar conclusions. Something love something neighbor, or some shit.

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Irony noted…

No, REAL Christians must spread the word of God and the Gospel of Christ.

They were commanded to do by Jesus himself.

For example:

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I had a Navy buddy that was part of “The Word.” This sect literally believed that every word in the bible was hand-carved by God. It’s not worth arguing with them, except for the amusement factor. He has mostly recovered, btw.

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