The Ongoing Adventures of Phrost on Twitter

Did the Public learn nothing from the War of the Worlds radiocast…

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Payback is a bitch especially when you have zero actual control over communications.

The internet is a big lie. You think you use it? Na dog, it uses you up and spits out something awful. And that goes for everyone.

Ask Rich Kyanka, if you can dig up enough of his head to make a Futurama character.

You mean people impersonating other people?

Frankly, Twitter can just die as far as I’m concerned.


And Facebook.


Works for me, for the most part.

Hard to watch / read @Phrost compare himself to Elon on the other Bullshido channels.

OK, I get it, Elon just pissed on one of your favorite channels / comm paths.

But, other than that, poopy-doopy-do.

Also, I have a vested citizen interest, in the free market place,
cutting the balls off of twitter and facebook,
so having that happen without a government intervention is like ice cream with hot fudge (and nuts).

Sure, for the right cause, or occasion, I’ll take a Sunday.

The irony Phrost on Twitter now is…

Hey I’m doing my part…

This will transform Twitter, either into an excellent platform, or it will destroy Twitter.
Either way, one less shitty social media platform, trying to control narratives, and exert undue influence on elections, and the public’s access to truth.
I would contribute a good chunk of money for Elon Musk to do this to Facebook, next…

90%+ of the people leaving Twitter are the beneficiaries of political class sinecures who do nothing but generate emails and have meetings all day. They work on teams like “the human rights committee” or “the disability accessibility” team talking all day about how it’s a violation of human rights to not be able to cut the penis off a 14 year old boy and then make Twitter more accessible to him.

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Whatever. Fuck Twitter, Elon can’t even handle small arms. He bought a toy for dozens of billions,.doesn’t know shit what to do.

Remember The Toy? Richard Pryor and Jackie Gleason?

God I just want to beat him up. Does that make me a bad man?



Your obsession with children’s genitals is getting embarrassing

The groomer cries out as he strikes you.

What do you cry out?


That’s a weird thing to cry out

You right now: