The Official Trojan President Harris Thread

We need this, because tradition. And, some enterprising members had recently started this conversation, in the legacy forums.

Speaking personally, at this point, if Biden is POTUS, then Biden is MY POTUS. I am supremely disappointed, though, that we’ve come to this point, still don’t “know for sure,” and Biden’s health concerns are such that I think a lady who did not score a single primary vote is on the verge of becoming POTUS.

Ready? GO!

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No. Not yet, anyway.

How’s that for 20 chars??

Weak. We may adjust the 20 char thing.

The first Presidential miss-step? I accidentally broke my foot while playing with my dog. SMH.

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I broke my arm falling off a horse once. Pets can be dangerous. Dogs sometimes kill people, especially elderly folk. You should see what Sir Nibbles is capable of. Half ninja, half Universal Soldier.

Kamala Harris isn’t really that scary. She reminds me of Angela Abar from the new Watchmen series. Tough cookie on the outside, sweet and chewy on the inside.

Anything is better than the asshole refusing to concede the Presidency (as if anyone should be surprised).

The election doesn’t happen for another 2 weeks. Concession is weakness.

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It’s all for the TV anyway, Trump is busy setting up his media empire, Citizen Cane style.

He’ll milk his followers for billions using the echo chambers he’d led them into.

This is all assuming of course he’s not immediately charged and/or sued into oblivion the moment he steps down.


I doubt it will have staying power. He’s already double-played out the Apprentice shit.

Not that I suggest you (or anyone) go there, but the Meinspaces (Gab, Parler) are proving he’s amassed quite the Pied Piper trail of plague rats ready to jump right off whatever pier he leads them to.

It’s quite disturbing actually, to see people unable to criticize anything a person does, when that person is actually quite vile. At least a few in the GOP have taken their balls out of Trump’s purse now, but some others like the lawyer calling for people to be killed…LOL Rudy G now seems cute compared to that next-level incitement shit.

I mean, can’t we all just get along? Biden wins (presumably), we move on, make amends…nope a lot of people still want to thug it out 'Merica style.

Remember the best line from Team America…“Freedom costs a buck o fiiiive”.

If it shakes out for Biden, he’s the dude. Until Harris takes over. I predict less than a year for that. But, it hasn’t played out, yet. Stop saying “president-elect” until the election happens (general directive, not aimed at Rabbit).

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Ugh, fine. You’re not technically wrong.

This time, Trebek.

The big question is “who will she bomb first when she takes the reigns?”

Syria is the obvious choice but I do not think that at this stage given the amount of batshittery going round that we can rule out North Korea getting a good angry democrat women style droning.


Yeah, I figured about the same. He may make a year, but I’m not seeing it. He seems to be barely hanging in there.

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He’s at least putting his best foot forward.


Nothing can relieve him of his decades of white privilege, though. That’s my guess s to what he’s going for.

His legacy.

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My money’s on the completely arbitrary date of March 12th, 2022. Wanna make a bet? :smiley:

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In case you missed it:

" Trump and 17 states back Texas bid to undo his election loss at Supreme Court

In addition to Missouri, the states joining Texas were: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah and West Virginia."



No, you insolent prick, the election hasn’t happened.

Biden won the election and Trump lost. That is a fact. It is reality. The president could have accepted it and conceded the race.

Breaking: Hunter Biden is under federal investigation for money laundering and influence peddling:

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