The Official Forum Updates Thread

I’m working to get some extra reactions in, not just the heart/like. Expect that this evening.

Other feature requests should go here.

I will post here when we do maintenance, because there will be occasional short periods of down time.


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Spoilers now work. Use square brackets, like the old-school BBCode

your shit here

I have also added more than just the heart/like. Click the smiley face for emoji responses.

Perfect, man. This place is looking great !

I’m looking forward to your pay raise.

Doubling his salary immediately!

I tried the [strike][/strike] code but it failed

How do you expect a chap to employ satire effectively without [strike][/strike] code?!?

Strike is available with the HTML <s> tag.

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word !

I’ve added basic signature support. You will individually need to turn it on by going into your profile options.
@SLBC @RockApe

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NICE, thanks !

Is a COVID vax part of your bonus ?

:fu: testing 1,2,3

Hi, I can’t access main site because Cloudflare is preventing me from doing it and I don’t see any contacts in the “contact” section of the site.

Every thread shows me every reply-to post twice, first as a reply to another poster, then again on it’s own.

Can that be turned off somehow? It makes the thread a little easier to follow responses to specific posters, but also adding a lot of noise to the thread.

You could probably accomplish this with a local CSS override. See here:

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Expected site maintenance, this evening. Should only be about 10 minutes, or so.


Hey, Bullies, another maintenance window at some point this evening. Same interval of down time.

what he said

Maintenance this evening, when I get to it. Should take about 5-10 minutes of down time. Deal with it.

Maintenance complete. Please return to your normal levels of shittalking.

Can the 12 letter minimum post setting be removed ?

There is also an annoying setting that won’t allow certain posts because they don’t make sense to the system bot (or whatever)

For instance when I tried to post


it wouldn’t recognise it, so had to construct the sentence in a less amusing manner

If you can’t construct a sentence of at least twelve characters, then include a photo or video or something, preferably something that is germane to the topic. That’s almost the same thing that Rabbit does to avoid making sense.

As far as trying to trick the system into some sort of algebra, I have not encountered that, before. I’ll have to look into it.