The Official Badge Request Thread


You want badge? We give badge. Be prepared to back up your claim, and to be forever ridiculed if you lie.

Current badges are browseable at Bullshido

Let us know if there’s another status you think deserves recognition.

Bullwark: This is going to the first 300, or to anyone that signs up here before 1/1/2021. I will do a bulk update at that time, but if I’m in your profile for another issue, I will grant it then. Don’t worry, this is a guaranteed badge for the aforementioned criteria.

Military: PM me your CAC or DD214 or similar if you are not USian.

Black Belts of any flavor: PM me something I can sink my teeth into.

Many of you I know from the previous version of the forums, I will take that into account, to save time. Please post/PM your previous forum name, along with your request(s).

Sub, regarding the Brit forces it’s ‘British Army’ and not ‘Royal Army’, but the RAF and Royal Navy are correct.


Sweet, I’ll fix that right now, thanks.

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Yo, battlefields here, Purple Belt and Amateur Fighter tag re-request please.


My tags on the previous forum were Military (Army and Navy), BJJ Purple Belt, Judo Black Belt, and Throwdown. I’ve been a member since 04 so would that be Old School too?

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Bjj purple
Old School
Phrost’s conscience


Can I get a LEO badge again?

And if I can, where do they display?

Oh, and I’ve been on the forum since like 2007.

But I definitely won’t be getting the badge for figuring the platform out quickly. :grimacing:


Judo black belt please.
And old school


AKA DarkPhoenixTSi


Sure. We’re going to be filling in the gaps on stuff like that as we ramp up; hopefully before we let the broader public know this exists. If you notice anything missing that was absolutely important (aside from the 20 year old threads we’re going to keep in our archives), let us know.

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Yeah, we’re defining it as people around on the old forums at least before 2010 or so.

Looking to get my Judo Black Belt Badge back and I guess Old School applies too.

Lionknight is the same name I had on the old forums. Skip Scherer over on Facebook.


I would like one of your finest LE badges please, with a side order of Bullwark and a helping of “Old School” on the side please

No crusts


Could I get:

  • Judo BB
  • BJJ Purple
  • Computer Professional
  • Bulwark if it applies
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Heidelleeho, bulwarking here. Was on the OS forums, but spent a lot more time on JREF.
I’m a bullshit detector with experience (*cough degrees) in science (Badge), engineering, public health, biostatistics, medicine, neurology (MD Badge) and electrophysiology. Recovered karateka (JKA shodan) and wannabe BJJ blue belt (someday!), I have slapped George Dillman and I have tickled Alex Jones.


Old school, Bulwark, BJJ White Belt, computer professional.

I’m also a Kenpo shodan, so if anyone wants to poke fun, go ahead :wink:


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I must have missed the computer professional badge, cuz I’ll take that one too. Also, um, where’s my Top Fan badge?

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TD, judo black belt, jiujitsu purple, and I think I’ve been a member since before 2012

I was El Neko in the old forums, so do I get a shiny new badge?

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Computer professional. I work in healthcare IT as an analyst, will be receiving my Masters next semester, and have been accepted into the PhD program.

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So, about that lawyer badge…


Need something like a certified SAMBO instructor for those that can be verified or something like it.
I know in the past it’s always been not needed, but new forum new rules. Something to think about.

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