The Jordan Neely Subway Choking Thread

I don’t know enough about this situation to have an opinion, but I’m sure everyone else does because that’s how the internet works.


Pretty sure thats manslaughter. RNC is a shitty technique. It works sure, but its most commonly used from rear mount. Thing is, you’re in rear mount, so outside of the military, why are you strangling the guy? He’s in rear mount. He can’t hurt you.


Very confusing. People just stood around and watched John Schneider’s illegitimate child choke a dude for 3 minutes?

Something else was going on, that the story doesn’t cover. I agree that it is probably a wrongful death, but we’re not getting the whole story, here.

So, they were subduing him for up to 15 minutes, because he was freaking the fuck out and was a danger to those around him.

I work in a night club. This is what I do. If I did that, I’d be in jail. Just had a guy freak out last shift. Didn’t murder him.


This specific incident aside, as conditions continue to deteriorate at at the societal level and people’s lives get harder, we’re going to see more of this kind of thing. This country absolutely refuses to spend money on treating mental health problems even at the individual level, and the cracks in the system people can fall through keep getting wider.


Arrested something like 42-44 times for violent crimes, among other offenses.

Obviously usual caveats apply given I wasn’t there, but from most things I have read it doesn’t sound like the deceased actually assaulted anyone. I suppose it could be possible depending on what “garbage” was actually thrown. Even so, I doubt it would rise to the level of threat justifying lethal force.

However, I don’t see how he doesn’t catch at least some charges. I’m not up on the latest H2H training for his branch of the military. However, if it does cover the potential lethality of the RNC, it’s going to be tough to argur he didn’t know the possible ramifications of it. Compound that with somone on scene advising him of that as well, but it sounds like it may have been too late by then.

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These people can’t be treated. How? With what?

I am, its considered lethal force.

Doesn’t matter. At the time he was killed he was subdued. Unless he was working a sick rear mount eacape, the correct move was backpack into two on one, or perhaps a one on one ride.

We can’t agree on what defines a mental health problem. Just give them Xanax, and be done with it.

Oh, I’m sure he has plenty access to pills.

An “unhoused” Michael Jackson impersonator with a rap sheet that is longer than your and my penises stacked end to end gets dead after being subdued for 15 minutes. I’m waiting for the tox report.

Correcting the underlying systemic issues that cause our society to be one toxic to mental health and general, incompatible with human nature.

Nah. Thats bullshit. Its like killing a man in handcuffs.

If only there was another Jordan out there that could use some help avoiding shit like this. Not lynching people at work does help keep them off the streets.

Further tests have to be done on the muscle tissue in the performer’s neck to see if he had been strangled or if the chokehold played a role in his death, the source said.

Police and Manhattan prosecutors are awaiting the results of the autopsy before determining if criminal charges should be filed. A spokeswoman for the city Medical Examiner said the autopsy results were pending Wednesday.

Bullshit. If it was a backpack death, sure, but it wasn’t.

A second passenger pinned Neely’s arms while a third person held down his shoulder.

The facepalm on this narrative is epic. My money is on bath salts.